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Guimaras Governor Gumarin’s Guimelco Gripes

GUIMELCO truck Guimaras

THEREFORE let it be known throughout the universe. I was right about something! And the fact that the Prince of our Province echoes my exact sentiments is rather shocking. Yes, dear reader, “Guimaras Governor Gumarin’s Guimelco Gripes” is a prodigious post that makes me happier than a turd in a toilet bowl.

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Philippines Has 5th Highest Cost of Electricity in the World

electricity in the philippines

Twenty more turbines will be put up at the wind farm in the municipality of Sibunag in Guimaras. Construction starts next month. With each new turbine generating 2 megawatts (MW), 40 MW will be added to the wind farm’s 54-MW capacity. Despite the building of new windmills in our home province and throughout the archipelago, why does the Philippines have the 5th highest cost of electricity in the world?

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New Terrace Project at our Home in the Philippines

our new terrace project in the philippines

Our workers recently completed a new terrace project at our home in the Philippines. My asawa had wanted the terrace, nearest the nipa hut my father-in-law lives in, to have a roof. She plans to have an array of plants and flowers underneath the new polycarbonate sheet roof we had delivered a few weeks ago.

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Duwende Responsible for Leaving Our Lights On!

Latest electric bill for January 2011 at "The Compound" in Guimaras was only P1,580.55 (35.81 US Dollars.) Not bad for a family of five, and one of the lowest bills we've had since moving to the Philippines in July 2009. Our December 2010 bill was P2,236.84 (50.61 USD),  November bill P2,666.23 (60.31 USD),  October bill P1,617.39 (36.58 USD),  and our September bill was a whopping P3,506.01 (79.32 USD) up from a charge of only P1,204.91 (27.26 USD) in August. Our local power company in Guimaras, Guimelco,  increased our bill in September due to the buying of power from Trans-Asia Oil and Energy Development. When you're on a fixed income as we are,  the difference in the higher bills can really impact our budget.

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Shocking Electric Costs in the Philippines!

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Shocking Electric Costs in the Philippines! Every morning I awake between five or six after having a restful sleep in our air-conditioned (air con) bedroom. However, I would strongly recommend buying an air con unit ASAP if you do make the move to the Philippines. Due to budget constraints, we waited almost nine months before purchasing our unit.
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