Iloilo’s Bothersome Brownouts


Brownouts in the Philippines, including Iloilo where we reside, are as common as cockfights. You might be in the middle of checking to see if you have any new Facebook friends on your pc,  watching your favorite rerun of Darna on the Fox Filipino channel or sitting in your favorite   talabahan   enjoying a brew (or two) when the lights go out.DSC

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Man Dies at Cockfight in Guimaras!

Commotion early this past Saturday morning at our gate at "The Compound" in rural Guimaras in the Philippines. Tricycle pulled up with Yin Yin, a 13-year-old relative that calls me "Uncle Dave." Didn't think too much about it since Yin Yin has visited before. She's the daughter of one of my wife's cousins, Lezyl,  so I continued to "work" on this website without asking the reason for her stopping by. Two hours later a young, tall Filipino also arrives by tricycle, and my asawa is in the front yard carrying on a conversation with the man, her Mother, The Feared Giant Lizard Killer, and her sister and brother-in-law. Now I know trouble was brewing.xDSC_3920

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