Our Property Dispute in the Philippines is Resolved

lots of trees on our guimaras property

Last post dealt with a problem we had regarding a land owner adjacent to our lot who claimed our workers were building a fence on their property line. The group had earlier claimed they had a survey done on their property and had a sketch plan but they had neither, as I had suspected all along. But this past Tuesday, the complainers finally hired a survey crew from nearby Iloilo City who would meet with our survey group, also hailing from “The City of Love.” Our property dispute in the Philippines is now resolved.

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Beauties & the Beasts: The Kano and Papa Duck Hit Manggahan

Beauties & the Beasts: The Kano and Papa Duck Hit Manggahan. OK, maybe that title post isn’t fair to my American expat friend. I hope PD, who along with Asawa Anne, recently paid a visit to “The Farm” in Guimaras, doesn’t mind. To be honest, I drank a LOT more bottles of San Miguel Pale Pilsen when The Tom Cat and I used to hang out at the annual mango mash and I would become even more obnoxious than usual. I doubt that Papa Duck and I ever drank more than two bottles of beer any night we attended the festival. 

swimsuit beauties at Manggahan Festival

From the swimsuit competition for Mutya ng Guimaras, Pearl of Guimaras, beauty pageant


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Heavy Rains Don’t Dampen My Sinigang Soup


Tropical storm "Juaning" made landfall the other day and gave us  the roughest ride on the pump boat to Iloilo City that I've experienced in the two years I've lived in the Philippines as an American expat. My asawa, who's taken many more trips on the Guimaras Strait than I ever will, got so sea sick that she almost threw up. It hardly bothered me, but the waves were so high that a  passenger boat from Guimaras headed to Iloilo sank Tuesday morning. According to an ABS CBN news.com report,  the pump boat, which was carrying 27 passengers and 3 crew members, sank off the shores of Buenavista, Guimaras around 10 a.m. after it was damaged by the strong waves brought by tropical storm “Juaning.”DSC

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Wedding in the Philippines. Rings, Coins, the Veil and the Cord

[smartads]This was my first traditional wedding in the Philippines that my asawa and I were attending since moving to Guimaras, the rural province in Western Visayas known for its sweet mangoes and beach resorts. We were in San Joaquin, Iloilo for the ceremony and were serving as sponsors. The bride and groom, John Vincent Sealmoy and Analyn Gange (my asawa's goddaughter) ,  had been kneeling at the altar for quite some time as we sweltered in our classic Filipino attire.  I bet they were as nervous as a couple of porcupines in a balloon factory. DSC

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“Underwear, Sir?” SM Underwear Pushers

I’m a somewhat modest guy. I don’t pee in public streets as is the custom of many Guimaras residents. I don’t roll up my t-shirt to show off my San Miguel Pale Pilsen Bulge to admiring onlookers. If you’ve visited the Philippines you know that lifting up your shirt, to cool off from the brutal heat and humidity, is a favorite practice of Filipinos of all ages.  Many of the macho men simply leave their gut exposed with the classic Filipino T-Shirt roll or don’t wear any shirt at all. However, I’ve seen more bare-chested guys at redneck barbecques in the middle of August back in the States or a Village People concert (not that I’ve been to one) than I have witnessed in the Philippines. Don’t want to go shirtless too long here underneath the scorching,  unrelentless glare of the sun, however.

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The Classic Filipino Indo-Malay Look

Danica Flores Magpantay

It is believed that the first group of immigrants to come by sea to the Philippines were the Indonesians about 5,000 years ago. They drove the existing Negrito tribe, which had arrived in the Philippines about 25,000 years ago, from their land. Indonesians had two dominant groups. One group was tall with light skin, large foreheads, high noses and thin lips. The other group of Indonesians were shorter, darker, with large noses and thick lips. Danica-Magpantay-Ford-Supermodel-of-The-World-Philipines-2010

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First Year in the Philippines! What I Like Most About the Philippines!

First year in the Philippines! Part Three. To end this series about my experiences after retiring to the Philippines with my beautiful Filipina wife one year ago (she is in front of the doorway with the green polka dot dress),  I am publishing my list of  what I have liked most about dwelling in this paradise. So I present my list of what I like enjoy the most about the Philippines:New Year's Eve with the relatives


It’s Fiesta preparation day here at “The Compound”; Marise, our laundry lady, is helping with the cooking (she has the rice duties) along with my sister-in-law Marjorie, and my mother-in-law (the Feared Giant Lizard Killer);  Cousin Chris, and his brother-in-law from Bacolod are preparing the pork dishes. Sainted Patient Wife Melinda is supervising (and thankfully not giving me any extra duties, like I have any duties here!)

The Wife Doesn’t Kill Me


[smartads]Whew! As I was looking over yesterday's blog that I had already posted about the Ricky Reyes salon visit, the wife came up behind me and saw the picture with her and the Heat Wave Contraption!!! It was too late to close the screen! I was trapped like a jeepney on a flooded street in Iloilo during a typhoon! Sainted Patient Wife Melinda asked why did I put that picture in. If I had to put a picture in why not use the picture of her in the Heat Wave Contraption where she is not making a face (like that one was more flattering!) She was pretty upset.