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Shopping in Iloilo City for the American Expat

Shopping  in Iloilo City. Whenever the word "shopping" is mentioned, my spouse's eyes light up like a Christmas tree on shabu. And incidentally, since this is September, one of the "Ber" months, Christmas season has officially started in the Philippines, which has the longest Christmas season in the world. Be prepared to hear "Jingle Bell Rock" 24/7 in all the big malls now until early January.   (more…)

Not Exactly a Rockin’ New Year’s Eve in the Philippines

As evidenced by the lead photo of Lolo (Grandpa) fast asleep, it was not exactly a Rockin’ New Year’s Eve in the Philippines. After the arrival of my asawa’s brother from Metro Manila to retrieve his Baptismal Certificate in Guimaras, the home province of the clan, our initial plans to usher in the New Year at “The Farm” were scuttled. (more…)

Looking for Lots for Sale in the Philippines

Regular readers of Philippines Plus will know that my lovely asawa and I have moved back to Guimaras, the premier mango province of the Philippines located in Western Visayas. After spending two years on nearby Panay Island near the big city of Iloilo, we decided to make the move back to my wife’s home province. (more…)

Healthcare Clinics in the Philippines: St. Paul’s Hospital Iloilo Gets Major Upgrade

Healthcare clinics and hospitals in this archipelago should be an area of concern for any American expat or other foreigners living in the Philippines.  If you have any health issues before moving to any of the 7,107 islands on this paradise, it would be a good idea for you to research what facilities are available in the area you plan to move to. My asawa and I haven't been to a doctor in Iloilo for over two years now, save for one visit last year my spouse made to a local EENT to fish out, well, a fish bone out of her throat. (more…)
Medical Costs at Healthcare Clinic on Guimaras Island

Medical Costs at Healthcare Clinic on Guimaras Island

FEATURED, Medical Costs Philippines, THE ROOSTER CROWS AT 4AM!
Visted Dr. Jacobo in Iloilo City recently. My asawa has been complaining of some abdomen pain, and our new physician wrote an order for an ultrasound and a  blood test.  Advised us that the tests could be done at any healthcare clinic and told us the medical costs for the various evaluations should not be that costly. Decided to have the procedures done in our local province of Guimaras. My asawa knew a reliable doctor that had the necessary equipment. The larger city of Iloilo has more facilities and physicians available, but we felt we could save some money and avoid the usual transportation costs we have going there on the pump boat. The clinic on Guimaras Island was less than a 15 minute walk from our home. (more…)