Philippines: Cignal’s Dreadful New Channels

I’ve opined in past posts about Cignal being the best satellite service in the Philippines. Sadly, I can no longer in good faith make this claim to my readers. “Philippines: Cignal’s Dreadful New Channels” will attempt to explain why my zeal for Cignal has cooled considerably.

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Cheap TV in the Philippines: ABS-CBN TVplus Black Box

abscbn plus

Regular readers of “Philippines Plus” know your author, the crusty old expat, is a cheap son-of-a-gun. Sure, we might be paying big bucks for our monthly 1290 Peso Plan with Cignal satellite, 26 bucks, but I wanted a more frugal option for one of our other four television sets

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Best TV Satellite System Philippines

SKY Direct

Another recent post that dealt with my favorite television programs got me to thinking. And that’s not something I often do. “Best TV Satellite System Philippines”: the unfiltered opinion of an American expat in the Philippines. First of all, numerous national and regional cable tv options are available throughout the Philippines. This article will focus on satellite systems available in this land of 7,107 islands.

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My San Mig Light Epiphany

enjoying a san mig light in the philippines

I experienced “My San Mig Light Ephipany” early one Sunday evening. Another brown out, courtesy of our local “power” company, Guimelco, had struck our sleepy island province of Guimaras. Mayberry is a boom town compared to Guimaras. Our sidewalks roll up at 6 pm. The majority of activity after the sun sets consists of tricycle drivers trolling for 10-peso-a-ride-passengers while burning up 20 pesos of gasoline in the process.

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My Visit to Muslim Prayer Room at Terminal 3 NAIA

my new muslim friend

I’ve never visited a Muslim Prayer Room before. In fact, I don’t recall speaking to any Muslims when I lived back in the States and have only engaged a few of them in conversation since moving to the Philippines over five years ago. My knowledge of Islam is only what I get from my American news programs on our Cignal satellite system, the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams and Fox News. With all the talk about ISIS filling the airwaves and other Muslim terrorist organizations, I have been akin to adhere to the adage that while all Muslims are not terrorists all terrorist are Muslims. So what in the world possessed me to actually enter a Muslim Prayer Room at Terminal  3 at NAIA and have a thoughtful dialog with them?

my new muslim friend

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The Great Guimaras Ultrasound Gaffe: The Kano Loses His Cool

If this were a website where more colorful language was allowed, the title for this post would certainly not have read “The Great Guimaras Ultrasound Gaffe.”  But you can bet there were some phrases I uttered this past Saturday at a local laboratory  that cannot be repeated on this site or in front of any nuns or preachers of the Gospel. Merchant marines? Yeah, no problem.

Centri Clinical Lab  Guimaras

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Internet at The Farm in Guimaras? The Conclusion

My wife and I made our monthly shopping trip to Iloilo City recently. Before we stopped at the SM HyperMarket to do our grocery shopping we hailed a taxi to go to the Cignal main office.


Good times at The Farm in Guimaras

Hanging out with friends, Ann and Papa Duck, at "The Farm"

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Internet at The Farm in Guimaras

We’ve been without any Internet service at “The Farm” on the mango province of Guimaras since moving there in mid-October of last year. I’ve had a local Internet Service Provider since 1999 when I purchased my first PC. We’ve had broad band service in the Philippines with Smart Bro beginning in August 2009.The Tom Cat down on the farm in Guimaras

Former tenant at The Farm, The Tom Cat

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