My Amazing Asawa Plays Hardball!

The Kano and my lovely asawa

You don’t ever want to mess with my wife when she has a bolo in hand. If she’s angry, she could chop your pecker off faster than a jackrabbit on moonshine. So when we were having some difficulties with our new independent contractor in the Philippines, regarding payment for services rendered, I wisely stayed out of the negotiations. My amazing asawa plays hardball and hits one out of the park! She didn’t need any help from me.

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NAIA Terminal 3 on the Cheap, Cheap, Cheap

NAIA terminal  manila

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money  when I left the Philippines to visit my Dad back in the States. NAIA Terminal 3 on the cheap. That was my plan. And I executed it fairly well, I thought. No hotel bill. I spent the night at Terminal 3. No taxis. I used the free shuttle service to get from Terminal 3 to Terminal 1, where my Korean Air flight would depart from. And I discovered a 7 Eleven store which had extremely reasonable prices for an airport venue.

cute filipina at terminal 3, NAIA

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