GUIMELCO Comes Through! Lolo’s Nipa Hut Has Electricity!


As regular readers of Philippines Plus know, my father-in-law, Lolo (Filipino for Grandfather) is afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease. If not for the expensive medications provided by the generous Murray the Kiwi, Lolo’s affliction would be even worse. My brother-in-law Joery and his crew have been building a nipa hut for Lolo on our new property in Guimaras, the island province we reside on.  We had tremendous news Tuesday afternoon as our utility company on the island, GUIMELCO, comes through! Lolo’s nipa hut has electricity!

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The Annual Filipino Christmas Shutdown

electric supervisor

NEVER expect any work to get done in the Philippines during the last two weeks of December. It’s the Filipino Christmas Shutdown. The Philippines has the longest Christmas season in the world which begins in September, the first “Ber” month, and extends into the beginning of January with Three Kings’ Day. January 6. We have been waiting for an inspector from Guimelco, our so-called utility provider in Guimaras,  to check out my brother-in-law Joery’s handiwork at the nipa hut we are building for my father-in-law but it’s been an exercise in futility.

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Christmas Party at “The Compound”

I jokingly refer to my wife’s home and property in Guimaras as “The Compound.” We now reside at “The Farm” (I have a thing about naming the places we live at. We spent 2 ½ years at my asawa’s residence on the mango province at her property before moving to Iloilo and living there for two years before moving back to Guimaras. I didn’t have a name for our residence in our subdivision near Iloilo City.)  The following picture was taken in front of brother-in-law Joery’s sari sari store, located in the front yard of “The Compound,”  and features some of the group that attended a recent Christmas party there.Christmas Party crew in front of sari sari store

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American Expat in the Philippines 2012 Photo Highlights

I’m an American expat in the Philippines that is adjusting more and more every day to Filipino Time. So if this post regarding 2012 doesn’t get posted until sometime later in this month or even next, I’m really not too concerned. I don’t have to worry about  the commute to work on Interstate 55 between Auburn, Illinois and Springfield, Illinois where I worked at AT&T for almost 30 years. I’m not in a hurry anymore. Here’s a review of some of my favorite photos from our adventures in 2012.

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