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Boracay Travel Requirements & Fees @ Caticlan Jetty Port

pump boat to boracay

After a six-hour Ceres bus ride from Iloilo City we arrived in Caticlan, the gateway to Boracay, around 1:15 pm last Friday afternoon, February 28, 2020. First of all, a thermometer gun was pointed at all incoming visitors’ heads due to the current COVID-19 hysteria. Furthermore, after passing the “fever check point,” we had to … Read more

Beguiling, Bewitching Boracay Beaches

beautiful boracay sunset

“Beguiling, Bewitching Boracay Beaches” features some of the most beautiful sunsets I ever witnessed in my lifetime. My lovely asawa (wife) and I, along with two nieces and a nephew, visited Boracay again this past April. This pocket of paradise in the central Philippines is a small island known for its White Beach area and resorts. The sunsets we viewed at Boracay last year and in April were absolutely stunning. 

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Cheapest Way, Iloilo to Boracay Pt. 2

Boracay paradise

“Cheapest Way,Iloilo to Boracay Pt. 2” After traveling for approximately five hours from outside of Tagbak Terminal in Jaro, Iloilo City, we had arrived at Caticlan Jetty Port, the gateway to Boracay. We were trying to make our way inside the passenger terminal and reach our guide, Sir Willy, who had reserved a family room for us at Station 2 in Boracay.

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Iloilo to Boracay: The American Expat in the Philippines

boracay sunset

Iloilo to Boracay: The American Expat in the Philippines. Apologies  for not having any recent posts but my lovely asawa and I, along with niece Shaina, and sister Marjorie, who was on vacation from her job in Kuwait, visited one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Boracay.

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