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American Living in Philippines Marks 11-Yr Milestone

I’m a foreigner. A stranger in a strange land. I’ve resided in “paradise” since 2009. Been married to a lovely Filipina for over 20 years. Hence, today’s post, “American Living in Philippines Marks 11-Yr Milestone.” Metallica Musings As my Jango internet radio plays a Metallica classic, “Enter Sandman,” I reminisce over the past 11 years. … Read more

Announcing Captain Tom’s Triumphant Philippines’ Return

captain tom and barangay captain

Because of the coronavirus quarantine, I’m enjoying the upbeat benefits of the current lockdown. Our province’s ban on mass meetings such as fiestas, for instance. While I’ve opined on this topic earlier, please bear with me. I don’t get out of the house much now (not that I bore any resemblance to a social butterfly … Read more

Captain Tom vs. Trappistine Mindanao Nuns

Captain Tom was a good friend of mine. Sometimes, after quaffing too many adult beverages, I never understood a word he said. However, former American expat in the Philippines, the Captain, returned to the States years ago. He heads a graphic design company, Line of Sight Communications. Cap lived in Guimaras for several years. He … Read more

San Miguel President Claims Vietnamese Drink Twice as Much Beer as Filipinos

First of all, I was merely checking on an article regarding the upcoming increased “sin tax” on alcohol products. Furthermore, while I might quaff a few adult beverages in a month, there’s worse “sins” a person could go to hell for. Drinking a few beers a month probably isn’t going to hurt my chances of … Read more

The City Mall Parola Expat Experience

city mall parola

“The City Mall Parola Expat Experience.”  A retired fart like me has plenty of time to go shopping with his asawa. I enjoy checking out new places.  Parola is located at Fort San Pedro Drive in Iloilo City. Guimaras, the island province we call home, is an approximately 12-15 pump boat ride away from Ortiz Wharf, minutes from Parola.

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