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Update: No more Brownouts in Guimaras?


“Update: No more Brownouts in Guimaras?” Can pigs fly? Guess I’ll find out. Another report, this time from The Daily Guardian, answers some questions about an earlier article I posted from the Panay News. Guimelco, our local “power” company on our island province is securing a 100 million peso loan to improve facilities and services in Guimaras.

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Philippine Peso Tops 51:$1 Level, 11 Year Low

peso note philippines

The Philippine peso broke the 51 a dollar level Friday. The PHP closed at a fresh 11-year low against the US Dollar. Rising tensions between North Korea and the USA are said to have contributed to the peso’s demise. As this post was being composed, Saturday, Aug. 12th, 2017, the current rate stood at 1 USD = 51.06 PHP.

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28-Hour Brownout Grips Guimaras

GUIMELCO website

I apologize to my readers. While I haven’t posted on a daily basis for years, I have been wanting to opine about our local utility company, Guimelco. “28-Hour Brownout Grips Guimaras” is the latest installment of our ongoing battle with the lack of adequate infrastructure on the island province we call home.

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Kentucky Fried’s First Filipino Colonel

kfc first filipino colonel

It was around 8:00 pm on a weeknight. Despite numerous power outages from our “service” provider, Guimelco, we miraculously had electricity that evening as I flipped the remote to Channel 2, ABS CBN. It was time for my asawa’s favorite program, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.” As I steeled myself for a block of 10 minutes of commercials for Tide Detergent, multiple pain relievers from Unilever, and the same tired Selena Gomez Pantene ad, a new advertisement brightened our screen. The search for Kentucky Fried’s first Filipino Colonel was underway!

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Crusty Old Expat Cancels Computer God’s Visit

The Kano in Iloilo e

Who says you can’t teach an aging fossil something new? “Crusty Old Expat Cancels Computer God’s Visit” celebrates the fact that even an aged geezer like me can overcome obstacles. While I might be in my twilight years, ready to meet Jesus any day now,  I actually finally figured out how to add my new internet service to my existing Globe account on my own. 

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Guimaras Governor Gumarin’s Guimelco Gripes

GUIMELCO truck Guimaras

THEREFORE let it be known throughout the universe. I was right about something! And the fact that the Prince of our Province echoes my exact sentiments is rather shocking. Yes, dear reader, “Guimaras Governor Gumarin’s Guimelco Gripes” is a prodigious post that makes me happier than a turd in a toilet bowl.

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15 Brownouts in 3 Days: GUIMELCO’S Response

GUIMELCO truck Guimaras

“15 Brownouts in 3 days: GUIMELCO’S Response.” It’s a post I hope to complete before our next power outage in Guimaras occurs.  As I feverishly attack the keyboard, somewhat under my high school typing speed of 51 wpm, I glance outside. More threatening storm clouds hover in the distance.

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