Boracay’s Sandy White Beach Christmas

December is the best time to be in Boracay because the beach is whiter, the sky bluer and the temperatures cooler. Boracay’s  Sandy White Beach Christmas. A great place to spend your Christmas holiday, don’t you think? (Lead photo credit: CruiseHive)

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Boracay, Cebu, Palawan: World’s Best Islands

“Boracay, Cebu, Palawan: World’s Best Islands.” This trio of Southeast Asian gems nabbed the Top Three Spots on a recent survey. That’s according to Condé Nast Traveler readers who ranked the 30 best islands in the world outside the U.S. in their 2017 Readers’ Choice Awards survey. That’s impressive!

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10 Best Places to Visit in the Philippines

“10 Best Places to Visit in the Philippines” consists of the results of over 30 websites that I scrutinized using four different search engines. The compilation of this Top Ten List looked at other websites and their choices for the best places to visit in the archipelago.  More weight was given for picks that finished first, second and third. Each destination listed was given at least one vote.  Only the Top Ten picks of each website were given consideration. The websites I covered were everything from CNN to USA Today along with international and local publications.

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Boracay: Al Fresco Dining Supreme

boracay dining on the beach

“Boracay: Al Fresco Dining Supreme, “ today’s post, features photos from a recent trip we took to Boracay. My lovely asawa and I, along with two nieces and a nephew, decided to eat outside on the beach a couple of nights. We wanted to take advantage of the spectacular views at Station 2 on Boracay’s White Beach at a joint called the Globy Traveling Chef.

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Beguiling, Bewitching Boracay Beaches

beautiful boracay sunset

“Beguiling, Bewitching Boracay Beaches” features some of the most beautiful sunsets I ever witnessed in my lifetime. My lovely asawa (wife) and I, along with two nieces and a nephew, visited Boracay again this past April. This pocket of paradise in the central Philippines is a small island known for its White Beach area and resorts. The sunsets we viewed at Boracay last year and in April were absolutely stunning. 

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Cheapest Way, Iloilo to Boracay Pt. 2

Boracay paradise

“Cheapest Way,Iloilo to Boracay Pt. 2” After traveling for approximately five hours from outside of Tagbak Terminal in Jaro, Iloilo City, we had arrived at Caticlan Jetty Port, the gateway to Boracay. We were trying to make our way inside the passenger terminal and reach our guide, Sir Willy, who had reserved a family room for us at Station 2 in Boracay.

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