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While foreign tourists outside of the Philippines were originally going to be welcomed, Boracay will only reopen to more domestic tourists Oct. 1, 2020. Tourists from areas under general community quarantine (GCQ) may visit the island beginning October 1. Testing for COVID-19 Required Beforehand However, all tourists will be subject to strict health protocols. Negative … Read more

Boracay’s Bombastic Bugle Call for Tourists

Boracay’s tourism is hurting due to the COVID-19 mass hysteria fueled in part by news organizations desperate for higher ratings. My Filipina wife and I ignored the media hype and visited the white sandy beaches of Boracay the end of February 2020. While we didn’t avail of any promotions designed to lure local tourists, the … Read more

Wild Parties & All Sin Banished from Boracay Beaches?

“Wild Parties & All Sin Banished from Boracay Beaches?” Well, that what it seems like to me. If you were planning to visit Boracay, formerly one of the best party beaches in the world, you might want to reconsider. A recent article in The Manila Standard may indicate officials are putting a damper on all aberrant behavior.

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New Gaisano Mall Iloilo City’s Ho-Hum Experience

I’m cognizant of the fact that I’m negative at times. I’m not the official cheerleader for the Philippines Tourism Department. It’s my goal to present my personal perspective as an American expat living in the Philippines in an objective manner. I’ll give credit where credit is due. When something stinks, like the wastewater pipelines buried in Boracay beaches, I’ll address those issues, also. Therefore, I present the following post: “New Gaisano Mall Iloilo City’s Ho-Hum Experience.”

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Beguiling, Bewitching Boracay Beaches

beautiful boracay sunset

“Beguiling, Bewitching Boracay Beaches” features some of the most beautiful sunsets I ever witnessed in my lifetime. My lovely asawa (wife) and I, along with two nieces and a nephew, visited Boracay again this past April. This pocket of paradise in the central Philippines is a small island known for its White Beach area and resorts. The sunsets we viewed at Boracay last year and in April were absolutely stunning. 

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Boracay’s “Black Eye”: Slimy Green Algae Covers Beaches

white beach boracay covered with slimy green algae

Boracay’s ‘Black Eye’: Slimy Green Algae Covers Beaches” relates the impact algae had on our four-day vacation in “paradise”. My asawa and I, along with two nieces and a nephew, recently visited Boracay, touted as one of the best beaches in the world.

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Willy, Our Guide to the Best Boracay Deals

boracay sunset

“Willy, Our Guide to the Best Boracay Deals” might prove to be a useful post for those planning to visit this paradise in the Philippines. If you want to sojourn to the best island in the world, according to Travel + Leisure Magazine, Willy S. Provido can shepherd you to the cheapest places to stay on the beach in Boracay.

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