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Asawa’s Plight: Medicus Iloilo City ER Responds

medicus iloilo city

My asawa was in the front passenger seat of our Aurora Blue Ford Ranger suffering from an extreme abdominal pain attack. The Provincial Hospital in Guimaras, our home province, was unable to deal with the medical emergency. We sprinted toward the Jordan Wharf in Guimaras to catch a “special trip” nighttime pump boat ride to Iloilo City. My sister-in-law Alida was in the back seat.

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Severe Attack Sends Spouse Back to Emergency Room Again

emergency in guimaras

My loving asawa has been suffering with chronic lower abdominal pain for months. While I’ve attempted to persuade her to visit a doctor she has stubbornly refused. But a recent stomach pain attack could not be fended off by the pain reliever Buscopan, and necessitated another visit to our local emergency room in Guimaras, the island province we call home.

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Pump Boat Preacher Has Captive Audience

view from a pump boat iloilo to guimaras

In the almost eight years I’ve lived in the Philippines, I’ve made hundreds of trip from Guimaras, our island province home, to nearby Iloilo City. Since Iloilo has many more shopping options than our island home, my asawa and I have found it necessary to make the 12-15 minute trip around two to four times a month. But I’ve never experienced what I did one junket: “Pump Boat Preacher Has Captive Audience.”

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The Dimple Star Road Trip from Hell: Guimaras to Manila

dimple star guimaras to manila

It took a few days, dear readers, but I’ve finally recovered from a recent trek to Metro Manila. “The Dimple Star Road Trip from Hell: Guimaras to Manila” beat the living snot out of this crusty old expat. By the beard of Zeus! Why would an American expat living in the Philippines subject himself to such torture in the first place?

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Is Travel to the Philippines Safe?

Dont bring bullets to Hong Kong

Is travel to the Philippines safe? Recent kidnappings and the bullet planting scam at the Manila airport might have you reconsidering a visit to the Philippines.

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Iloilo Coast Guard Now Enforcing Life Jacket Regulations

unsecured passenger bench hit larry from tawash

The Iloilo Coast Guard is now enforcing life jacket regulations and making sure passengers boarding any pump boat at Parola Wharf in Iloilo are wearing them. Nine people lost their lives aboard the Tawash this past Sunday afternoon when their motorized banca boat, battered by high winds and waves, capsized only minutes after taking off from Parola.

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Riding the Pump Boat to Iloilo City Gets Dicey

Riding the 14 peso pump boat to Iloilo City gets dicey. The 15-minute trip from Jordan Wharf to Ortiz Dock in “The City of Love,” is usually uneventful. I can’t swim but have never had any worries about our vessel capsizing. I don’t even wear the life jackets on board, though when my asawa and … Read more

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