Prince’s Edgy Evening Escape

Papa Prince

A tremendous thunderstorm rolled into Guimaras the other night pouring buckets of rain faster than a petrified shabu dealer seeking to evade the police. Lightning crackled in the air with booming thundering reverberating in the skies. A few of our eight canines leap into panic mode whenever they hear any thunder. Today’s post, “Prince’s Edgy Evening Escape” details one of our pup’s extreme reaction to any prolonged loud noises.

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Manggahan Festival 2018 going to the Dogs

OK, it’s not the most original title, but Guimaras’ “Manggahan Festival 2018 going to the Dogs” best describes yesterday’s premier late afternoon event. It’s the eighth celebration of the sweetest mangoes in the world that The Sainted Patient Wife and I have attended. This is the first pooch program we’ve gone to.

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Simple Man. Simple Life.

American expat in the Philippines. A Simple Man. A Simple Life. No one has threatened to kill me recently. I’ve only had to yell at one jeepney operator blocking our main street in downtown San Miguel, Guimaras, the other day. No trips to nearby Iloilo City in about a month. I wish I could report more exciting events but I can’t.

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Conclusion: Dog Dispute Delivers Dispatch from Barangay Captain

Hang on, boys and girls. It’s the “Conclusion: Dog Dispute Delivers Dispatch from Barangay Captain.” One of our neighbors had filed a complaint at our local barangay hall. My wife and I were ordered to appear before our barangay captain the next day. Failing to do so can result in contempt of court charges being filed against you.

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Dog Dispute Delivers Dispatch from Barangay Captain

My E-book, “The Philippines Expat Advisor”, has a section that deals with barangay captains. “Dog Dispute Delivers Dispatch from Barangay Captain” relates a recent visit we had to our own local government unit, LGU. It’s imperative that you have a good relationship with your own local “kapitan.” You never know when you might receive a summons to the local barangay hall.

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Proper Pooch Pool Party Philippines

“Proper Pooch Pool Party Philippines” isn’t one of seven related American International Pictures beach party films from the Sixties. Former Mouseketeer, Annette Funicello, was my first crush. She starred in “Beach Blanket Bingo” along with teen idol Frankie Avalon.   “Bingo” was the fifth and most well-known of the series. Annette initially appeared on “The Mickey Mouse Club” which was first televised from 1955 to 1959 by ABC.Beach Blanket Bingo

(Photo Source: The Video Beat)

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