Extended Travel Restrictions in Effect BI’S LATEST PRESS RELEASE The Bureau of Immigration (BI) announced today that they will be implementing the resolution of the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF) on extending the travel ban until January 31, 2021. In a statement, BI Commissioner Jaime Morente shared that they received an … Read more


Philippines allowing foreign spouses & children to return to the Philippines beginning Dec. 7 Above all, its good news for those foreigners married to a Filipina or Filipino wanting to return to the Philippines for Christmas. Starting December 7, 2020, the following may enjoy entry privileges to the Philippines under the Republic Act 6768, aka … Read more

Foreign Spouses of Filipinos Need Visas to Enter Philippines

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The Philippine Bureau of Immigration, BI, released a notice on August 08, 2020, that foreign spouses of Filipinos need the appropriate visa to enter the Philippines. However, this does not apply to foreigners who already hold valid 13(a) permanent and temporary resident visas. Such visas are acquired by marriage to a Filipino under Section 13(a) … Read more

Majority of 7,724 Aliens Barred from Philippines in 2019 were “Public Charges”

I’ve harped on this issue countless times during the past ten years I’ve been writing about living in the Philippines. If you don’t have any visible means of supporting yourself, there’s a good chance you could be barred from entering the Philippines. Case in point, today’s post headline “Majority of 7,724 Aliens Barred from Philippines … Read more

Can a U.S. Citizen Permanently Live in the Philippines?

Because it’s a popular question on Google search, today’s post deals with the following question “Can a U.S. Citizen Permanently Live in the Philippines?” Here’s what the Philippine Bureau of Immigration has to say on the topic: Yes, under the Philippine Immigration Act of 1940, Section 13 (a) you are eligible for permanent residency in … Read more

Move to the Philippines from USA: 5 Basic Steps

Move to the Philippines from USA: 5 Basic Steps

First of all, you need a passport to travel out of the United States. But you already knew that, right? However, you can move to the Philippines from the USA without a visa. The Bureau of Immigration lets you stay for up to 30 days.

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Actor’s Temper Tantrum Triggers BI Balikbayan Reminder

An Actor’s Temper Tantrum Triggers BI Balikbayan Reminder.  A Bureau of Immigration, BI, Press Release regarding the Balikbayan Privilege was recently issued. A local celebrity, Tony Labrusca, reportedly had an outburst at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, NAIA, Terminal 1 last 03 January 2018. Celebrity Pissed Though Immigration officials didn’t name the “celebrity,” major news outlets, … Read more

BI Alien Registration Program (ARP): Do YOU Have to Register?

The Alien Registration Program (ARP) from the BI,  Bureau of Immigration, a new procedure issued from the high command, Commissioner Mison, was introduced back in September. It begs the question: “Do YOU have to register?”  Of course, if you’re an illegal alien in the Philippines, much like illegals back in the States who are now called “undocumented immigrants” and have been given amnesty by President Obama, you probably don’t give a damn.  You can skip this post.

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