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THE ILOILO CITY IMMIGRATION OFFICE 2021 ANNUAL REPORT DISASTER A recent Philippine Bureau of Immigration Press Release from BI’s Facebook page got my attention. It was the yearly reminder for foreigners to report their Immigration office. Yes, it’s that time of year:  the Annual Report of aliens. Philippine Bureau of Immigration’s Annual Report Notice for … Read more

“Norse Gods,” “Vancouver Scott,” & Jehovah’s Witnesses: 2020 Annual Report Iloilo Immigration

First of all, my SEO, Search Engine Optimization, hates long titles such as “Norse Gods,” Jehovah Witnesses, & Vancouver Scott: 2020 Annual Report Iloilo Immigration.  Because I didn’t want to leave anything out of the title regarding my annual visit to our local Iloilo Bureau of Immigration Field Office, I decided to go with the … Read more

Crusty Old Expat’s Eye-Opening Exposition

crusty old expat

First of all, I’ve turned off the World Wide Web before I even begin this post. I don’t want this elucidation shaded by anything I see online. Furthermore, you won’t see anything from social media. I don’t subscribe to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any of the other conglomeration of social websites. Turned off and muted are all four of our televisions. Therefore, the parameters for the “Crusty Old Expat’s Eye-Opening Exposition” have been set. Let’s begin.

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Have You Submitted Your Annual Report to Immigration?

philippine bureau of immigration

Have You Submitted Your Annual Report to Immigration? You have until March 1, 2019. The Philippine Bureau of Immigration (BI)  has warned registered foreign nationals who don’t.  Consequently, those who fail to submit their annual report to the agency this year will face sanctions.

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Do Foreigners who have stayed more than 59 days need to file AR?

Earlier this month I made my Annual Report (AR) with my local Bureau of Immigration Office in nearby Iloilo City. Upon publication of that post, I’ve been asked a question regarding the AR from a faithful reader of “Philippines Plus” for many years.

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Iloilo Immigration Bureau Megaworld Move

Iloilo Immigration

“February,” was the security guard’s response to my query. That is when the Iloilo Immigration Bureau Megaworld move would occur. My asawa and I were in the Iloilo Bureau of Immigration, BI, so I could make my Annual Report (AR) as a foreigner.

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CONCLUSION: Philippines Vehicle Registration Ruckus

CONCLUSION: Philippines Vehicle Registration Ruckus. My asawa and I were heading out to our local Land Transportation Office, LTO, in Guimaras. After being told by a local insurance agent that our truck registration had expired last March, we had to sort the matter out. After reviewing our paperwork from LTO, I was under the impression our Ford Ranger’s registration didn’t end until later this month.

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