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Philippines: My Top Ten Favorite TV Shows

Ang Probinsyano

“Philippines: My Top Ten Favorite TV Shows.” I retired to the Philippines with my lovely Filipina wife almost eight years now. During that time I’ve logged in countless hours of “boob tube” time scouring the vast TV wasteland. Researchers at Oregon State University did a study years ago which revealed what any red-blooded, beer-bellied American guy already knows: men are more likely to dominate use of the remote control, more likely to annoy their partners with its use, and more likely to “channel surf” – skipping from channel to channel in the endless pursuit of perfect television. I plead “nolo contender to all of the above.

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My Gangnam Style Backlash in Iloilo City!

The most all-time popular video on YouTube, viewed over a billion times, is of course, “Gangnam Style.” It’s a K-pop single by South Korean rapper/dancer PSY.  Have you ever listened to a continuous loop of that song repeated for over an hour? I have. Welcome to New Year’s Eve in the Philippines.

gangnamstyle  (Photo Source: billboard.com)

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