New Gaisano Mall Iloilo City’s Ho-Hum Experience

I’m cognizant of the fact that I’m negative at times. I’m not the official cheerleader for the Philippines Tourism Department. It’s my goal to present my personal perspective as an American expat living in the Philippines in an objective manner. I’ll give credit where credit is due. When something stinks, like the wastewater pipelines buried in Boracay beaches, I’ll address those issues, also. Therefore, I present the following post: “New Gaisano Mall Iloilo City’s Ho-Hum Experience.”

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CONCLUSION: Philippines Vehicle Registration Ruckus

CONCLUSION: Philippines Vehicle Registration Ruckus. My asawa and I were heading out to our local Land Transportation Office, LTO, in Guimaras. After being told by a local insurance agent that our truck registration had expired last March, we had to sort the matter out. After reviewing our paperwork from LTO, I was under the impression our Ford Ranger’s registration didn’t end until later this month.

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Simple Man. Simple Life.

American expat in the Philippines. A Simple Man. A Simple Life. No one has threatened to kill me recently. I’ve only had to yell at one jeepney operator blocking our main street in downtown San Miguel, Guimaras, the other day. No trips to nearby Iloilo City in about a month. I wish I could report more exciting events but I can’t.

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“Would Jesus Ride Jeepneys in the Philippines?

“Would Jesus Ride Jeepneys in the Philippines?” You can tell a guy has way too much time on his hands when he starts asking himself questions like this. However, unproductive mitts are the devil’s sweatshop. Better to keep the ol’ noggin’ working at my advanced age.

Would Jesus Ride Iloilo City Jeepneys?

Graphic Source: The Southeast Asia Subregion of the Catholic Biblical Federation

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American Expat Motorcyclist Killed in Iloilo Jeepney Crash

I apologize to anyone who might be offended by the graphic picture shown courtesy of Panay News. While the American expat motorcyclist from Texas was struck by a jeepney, I don’t see any signs of the victim wearing a helmet.

Panay News Miag ao crash kills American

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Dog Dispute Delivers Dispatch from Barangay Captain

My E-book, “The Philippines Expat Advisor”, has a section that deals with barangay captains. “Dog Dispute Delivers Dispatch from Barangay Captain” relates a recent visit we had to our own local government unit, LGU. It’s imperative that you have a good relationship with your own local “kapitan.” You never know when you might receive a summons to the local barangay hall.

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PhilHealth Contribution for Hospital Bill


After being diagnosed with gastritis and bile reflux, my asawa was ready to be discharged from Medicus Hospital in Iloilo City. This post, “PhilHealth Contribution=$300 ER, Hospital Bill,” reveals how much of our hospital bill, PhilHealth, the national health insurance plan of the Philippines, covered.

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