Sexy, Scenic San Miguel in Jordan, Guimaras

san miguel jordan guimaras

Sexy, scenic San Miguel in Jordan, Guimaras. Put together the words “sexy” and “San Miguel” and you’ve got a sure-fire attention getter for a title in my humble opinion. Maybe it’s my advanced age of 60 that requires me to get fired up and motivated by thinking up catchy titles for this post in the hopes of sucking in more website visitors. Maybe it’s my lack of San Miguel products. Haven’t had a cold one for about a week-and-half now.


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Our Last Resort in Guimaras


I was in a foul mood. Raymen Beach in Guimaras was already full. It was Maundy Thursday and the mango province dock was overflowing with visitors here for the Lenten holiday. My asawa and I had just arrived at Jordan Wharf to discover that our favorite beach resort in the Philippines was already packed.DSC

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Are You a Risk Taker in the Philippines?

Julian is 42. He's from Romania. He's been in the Philippines since last November and is currently visiting the white sandy beaches in Guimaras after spending a month in Iloilo with a previous visit to the resort island of Boracay. The Romanian doesn't have a job, doesn't have a pension or fixed monthly income and is living on some small savings he has. The man is a certified risk taker in my books.ceedb

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