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PhilHealth: Foreigner Married to Filipina Update


UPDATED 01-24-2020 Update: PhilHealth Membership Renewed with Foreigner Dependent My wife and I made it over to our local PhilHealth in Guimaras yesterday, January 23, 2020, to renew our membership for the year 2020. My wife’s membership records were in the PhilHealth database, and I was still listed as her dependent. However, while we did … Read more

“Norse Gods,” “Vancouver Scott,” & Jehovah’s Witnesses: 2020 Annual Report Iloilo Immigration

First of all, my SEO, Search Engine Optimization, hates long titles such as “Norse Gods,” Jehovah Witnesses, & Vancouver Scott: 2020 Annual Report Iloilo Immigration.  Because I didn’t want to leave anything out of the title regarding my annual visit to our local Iloilo Bureau of Immigration Field Office, I decided to go with the … Read more

Move to the Philippines from USA: 5 Basic Steps

Move to the Philippines from USA: 5 Basic Steps

First of all, you need a passport to travel out of the United States. But you already knew that, right? However, you can move to the Philippines from the USA without a visa. The Bureau of Immigration lets you stay for up to 30 days.

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Have You Submitted Your Annual Report to Immigration?

philippine bureau of immigration

Have You Submitted Your Annual Report to Immigration? You have until March 1, 2019. The Philippine Bureau of Immigration (BI)  has warned registered foreign nationals who don’t.  Consequently, those who fail to submit their annual report to the agency this year will face sanctions.

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PhilHealth Contribution for Hospital Bill


After being diagnosed with gastritis and bile reflux, my asawa was ready to be discharged from Medicus Hospital in Iloilo City. This post, “PhilHealth Contribution=$300 ER, Hospital Bill,” reveals how much of our hospital bill, PhilHealth, the national health insurance plan of the Philippines, covered.

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Expat Healthcare in the Philippines: Are YOU Prepared?

ambulance leaving guimaras provincial hospital

A serious topic for today’s post: “Expat Healthcare in the Philippines: Are YOU Prepared?” Do you think that if you move to the Philippines and become ill that the Philippine government will help you out? You’re not in Kansas anymore, Pilgrim. YOU NEED TO BE PREPARED FOR ANY CONTINGENCY BEFORE MOVING TO THE PHILIPPINES. There’s no safety net for foreigners in “paradise”.

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Best Banks in the Philippines

Leading business publication, FinanceAsia, named BDO and Citi as the best banks in the Philippines for 2011 according to a report in philSTARcom. Although the article came out in late June of this year, I thought this topic would be appropriate due to some recent queries I've had from readers regarding personal banking in the Philippines.business peso

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