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Top 10 New Reasons for Retiring to the Philippines

Seems like after living here for over 10 years, I wouldn’t have 10 new reasons for retiring to the Philippines. Because every day can be a fresh adventure in the archipelago, new reasons for moving to the Philippines to spend your “Golden Years” often crop up. Hence, today’s post: “Top 10 New Reasons for Retiring … Read more

The Kano’s Prognosis? Fatty Liver Disease

The Kano’s prognosis? Fatty liver disease. Two weeks when the doctor over at the Centri Clinical Laboratory in Guimaras went over my abdominal ultrasound,  which I had taken as a result of a recent kidney stone attack, I was clueless on what “fatty liver” meant aside from guessing I had fat in my liver. At the time. I was more focused on the doctor’s information about my kidney stones.

Help is on the way

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18 Candles

18 Candles. 18 Roses. 18 Treasures. My wife and I had been invited to the 18th Birthday celebration for Cousin Emma’s daughter, Kristine Ann. But when I saw the invitation and my name listed under the “18 Treasures” category, I asked my wife what was going on. 18 Candles at Debutante Party in the Philippines

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