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Captain Tom vs. Trappistine Mindanao Nuns

Captain Tom was a good friend of mine. Sometimes, after quaffing too many adult beverages, I never understood a word he said. However, former American expat in the Philippines, the Captain, returned to the States years ago. He heads a graphic design company, Line of Sight Communications. Cap lived in Guimaras for several years. He … Read more

San Miguel President Claims Vietnamese Drink Twice as Much Beer as Filipinos

First of all, I was merely checking on an article regarding the upcoming increased “sin tax” on alcohol products. Furthermore, while I might quaff a few adult beverages in a month, there’s worse “sins” a person could go to hell for. Drinking a few beers a month probably isn’t going to hurt my chances of … Read more

Boracay: Al Fresco Dining Supreme

boracay dining on the beach

“Boracay: Al Fresco Dining Supreme, “ today’s post, features photos from a recent trip we took to Boracay. My lovely asawa and I, along with two nieces and a nephew, decided to eat outside on the beach a couple of nights. We wanted to take advantage of the spectacular views at Station 2 on Boracay’s White Beach at a joint called the Globy Traveling Chef.

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Our New Year’s Eve House Blessing in the Philippines

house blessing philippines

“Our New Year’s Eve House Blessing in the Philippines” is a remarkable literary achievement since it’s the first time in months I’ve published two posts in the space of three days. With two birthday parties, Christmas and the aforementioned blessing, I’ve actually been somewhat busy. Regular readers of “Philippines Plus” know that I excel at doing nothing. But that hasn’t been the case as of late.

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Unlimited 3-Day Weekends in the Philippines

old fart relaxing in boracay

My friends in the United States recently finished celebrating Labor Day. I used to look forward to the three day holiday when I worked at AT&T. Now,  I enjoy unlimited 3-day weekends in the Philippines. In fact, every day is now a holiday for this crusty old American expat.

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The Neon Blue Jesus Wedding

wedding in the philippines

My asawa and I had just returned from another trip to Cebu City with our little niece and nephew from Guimaras in tow. We only had a couple of days before we would attend what I like to call “The Neon Blue Jesus Wedding.” My spouse and I were approached a couple of months ago by some distant relatives and asked to be sponsors for the big event.

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