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In Spite of Travel Warnings, is it Still Safe to Move to the Philippines?

stunning sunset at boracay

“In Spite of Travel Warnings, is it Still Safe to Move to the Philippines? “ Thirty-seven people were killed in a Manila casino this past Friday. A lone masked gunman walked straight into the building, past a lone security guard who panicked when she saw the suspect’s assault rifle. The victims are thought to have died of smoke inhalation. None of them appear to have been shot.

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How Safe is Boracay?

lots of people on the beach at boracay

“How Safe is Boracay?” We’re planning a return trip to the “best island” in the world, according to Condé Nast Traveler magazine. The Philippine National Police, along with local law enforcement officials, have beefed up security of this popular tourist destination. 50,000 visitors are expected this Holy Week alone. With the recent terrorist attack on the island resort of Bohol by Abu Sayyaf, one has to question if visiting Boracay at this time is wise.

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Is Travel to the Philippines Safe?

Dont bring bullets to Hong Kong

Is travel to the Philippines safe? Recent kidnappings and the bullet planting scam at the Manila airport might have you reconsidering a visit to the Philippines.

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The End of Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines?

The al-Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf, based in the southern Philippines,  would "disintegrate" now that that terrorist Osama bin Laden is dead, Philippines  National Security Adviser Cesar Garcia said this past Wednesday according to a report on GMA News Online, May 04, 2011 edition.   Garcia said the Abu Sayyaf, which is allegedly receiving money from al-Qaeda, has lost its "leadership, people, and logistics" to carry out terrorist attacks.  (Photo from Flickr)Abu Sayaff

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