Philippines Expat Advisor Updated 2019 Version

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“Moving is never an easy decision especially if one is going to move to the other side of the world. Luckily, Dave DeWall’s book, “The Philippines Expat Advisor” is available.

It is a thorough read on everything and anything you are going to read when you move to the Philippines.

It lets you in on what you are going to encounter and how to act on them when you arrive.

It is a complete guide but never boring. I have seen other guide books for moving to the Philippines but nothing as thorough and witty as The Philippines Expat Advisor.

It’s just like talking to a friend who is very much concerned for your safety and well-being.”

Gen Wisen

Metro Manila


“The book is extensive in the areas that it covers, but covers each in a way that the information is to the point and not drawn out. This lets you cover a wide area of topics without being bored.

Very good book also in that it does not just give you the bright side of life and times in the Philippines, but tells you what to look for and to use ‘Common Sense’ when traveling to the Philippines and determining if you want to stay or not.”

Gerald Baker

Burlington Twp, NJ USA

“Hi Dave, I bought your book “The Philippines Expat Advisor”…One word: AWESOME! This is my ‘bible’ now for moving to the Philippines with my beautiful Filipina wife. God bless.

Tom, USA

“Informative and gave insight on what to expect when moving to the Philippines. Wide range of topics from must areas of concern.”

Al Arita


“Very well written…overall good info for anyone considering moving to the Philippines.”

Paul R. Prescott

Texas, USA 

“Five stars! Lots of excellent info.”

Ken H., USA

Have you ever dreamed of quitting your job and move to a tropical retirement home living a life of ease? This handbook shows you how, step-by-step.

Avoid the pitfalls I faced when first moving to the Philippines almost ten years ago.

Apprehensive about packing up and moving to a new country? “The Philippines Expat Advisor” explains in detail how to deal with the cultural challenges of living in the Philippines.

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With “The Philippines Expat Advisor” you’ll get all the tools you’ll need to make your move to the Philippines faster, easier, and cheaper.

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  • 35-point checklist for moving to the Philippines will get you here faster, cheaper, and easier…guaranteed.

  • Need Visa help? Want to stay in the Philippines longer and legally? Straightforward advice, plain and simple

What kind of challenges can you, as a foreigner, expect in the PH? Advice from an American expat living in the Philippines for over ten years.

Married to a loving Filipina for almost 20 years.

Insider secrets that can save you tons of money and frustration.

Mrs. and Mr. “Kano” at “The Ruins” outside of Bacolod City

  • You WILL be treated as a celebrity and rock star in the Philippines. Have you ever been called a movie star? Only in the Philippines

  • Top Five Best Places to live in the Philippines

  • Two essential keys to living in the Philippines. Advice that could literally save you thousands of dollars

  • Adultery in the Philippines. What you don’t know can put you in prison for years

  • Divorce and annulments in the Philippines. Shortcuts to a fast annulment

  • Personal safety tips for living in the Philippines. Where to go. Where to avoid

  • The concept of “saving face.” How to avoid offending a Filipino

  • The Relatives. Once you marry a Filipina you marry the family. Discover why you don’t just say “No”