Philippines Expat Advisor Updated 2019 Version



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  • Are you fed up with the “rat race?” Discover the amazing secrets to quitting your job and start living a comfortable lifestyle even on a “shoestring” budget

  • Prices are so low in the Philippines that a domestic helper, a gardener, and weekly manicure and pedicure will become a part of your lifestyle. Discover the exclusive insider secrets found in “The Philippines Expat Advisor” that will help you maximize your budget

  • New 35-point checklist for moving to the Philippines will get you here faster, cheaper, and easier…guaranteed. Iraqi War Veteran Scott H used it to move to Metro Manila and calls the guide a “lifesaver”

  • Single and looking for love? The Philippines is a paradise filled with exotic, beautiful, loyal and loving women looking for a lifetime partner. “The Philippines Expat Advisor” gives you invaluable advice on weeding out the scammers and gold-diggers, some of whom are lady boys and even other foreigners!

  • “The $500 a Month Lifestyle.” That’s right, you can still live a comfortable lifestyle in the Philippines on only $500 a month

  • Discover the BEST WAY to send and receive your money in the Philippines. The best banks for expats in the Philippines

  • Need Visa help? Want to stay in the Philippines longer and legally? Straightforward advice, plain and simple


What kind of challenges can you, as a foreigner, expect in the PH? Advice from an American expat living in the Philippines for over nine years. Married to a loving Filipina for over 19 years. Insider secrets that can save you tons of money and frustration.


  • You WILL be treated as a celebrity and rock star in the Philippines. Have you ever been called a movie star? Only in the Philippines

  • Top Five Best Places to live in the Philippines

  • Two essential keys to living in the Philippines. Advice that could literally save you thousands of dollars

  • Adultery in the Philippines. What you don’t know can put you in prison for years

  • Divorce and annulments in the Philippines. Shortcuts to a fast annulment

  • Personal safety tips for living in the Philippines. Where to go. Where to avoid

  • The concept of “saving face.” How to avoid offending a Filipino

  • The Relatives. Once you marry a Filipina you marry the family. Discover why you don’t just say “No”

  • International Living Magazine ranks the Philippines as the easiest country in the world for “fitting in.” In fact, the Philippines scores a whopping 96 out of 100 points. Why is that? English is widely spoken in the Ph and the country has a definite “Western-style” flavor. The locals are extremely friendly and treat most foreigners as “celebrities.”

  • The magazine also ranks the Philippines as one of the cheapest places to live in the world. The Philippine Peso to US Dollar exchange rate has hit 54 to 1 recently. Some financial experts expect the rate to hit 56 to 1 or higher by the end of 2019.

  • Entertainment and amenities? International Magazine gives the Philippines a highly-rated 94 out of 100 points in this category.

“Read this book cover to cover. If you feel it doesn’t help you in moving to or living in the Philippines you can request a full refund within 30 days.”


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