Living Cheap, Living Well, Living with Roosters

[smartads]Thought it time for a bit lighter blog today. First of all thanks to my friend and fellow Bonehead, Jay Grim, from back home at Springfield, IL. for his recent comment on this blog. Jay was a fellow co-worker (if you want to call what we did work), and good guy. Also heard from another Springfield celebrity, Dave Bakke, columnist from the State Journal-Register in Springfield, IL.. Dave is going to do a story on Sainted Wife and Boss Melinda and I. Should be in this coming Sunday's paper. I love Dave Bakke's columns, always witty & interesting. Check out his stuff at http://www.sj-r.com/DSC

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Grandma Kills the Lizard

A few blogs ago I told the story about the big lizard in the kitchen which my wife was able to coax back outside of an open kitchen window. We have no window screens here. The lizard, called tuko, or gecko to us, made another appearance the other night during a “brown out” (don’t call them “blackouts” here, and we have about five or six a week, on one day alone a few weeks ago we had five. ) The tuko calls at night with “tuko…tuko…tuko!” I tell you, it sounds like something the size of an alligator when you hear it outside your window at night. Actually it gets to maybe 10 to 12 inches in length, and maybe 5 inches in width, but when you first see that thing in your house, and you are not used to seeing such a creature in your home, it does give you a bit of a jolt.

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A Gunshot, A Dog, Some Chickens (No Rooster)


The wife and I are literally on the edge of a jungle here in rural Guimaras in the Philippines. There are no police cars that patrol our area, and you just can’t call 911 (since it doesn’t exist on our little island) so if a situation arises, you deal with it or get a neighbor’s help.

guimaras sunset philippines

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Where’s the Spam Aisle?

Supermarkets and wet markets are two extremely different things in the Philippines. But let’s explore the supermarket venue first. Melinda, patient wife, and I are in the SM City Mall in Iloilo City, and we are shopping in the SM Supermarket. Of course the biggest difference from grocery shopping in the U.S. is the difference in products offered. Makes sense, right, I am in the Philippines, not the local Super Walmart. I see canned squid, canned eel, cans of just about every part of the fish you would care to eat (or not care to eat.) I see a small can of Bumble Bee Pink Salmon from the United States.DSC

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Let’s Go! Tricycles, Jeepneys, & Pontoon Boats

Went to the big city of Iloilo yesterday which is on a neighboring island of our home island of Guimaras. My wife and I start out down our subdivision road which is paved with…mud. Now when I think subdivision I think paved roads, shopping centers nearby, etc. Folks, we’re in the Philippines now. No such luxuries. The road is supposed to be paved according to our local barangay captain, and when the subdivision owners applied for a permit from the local government that was part of the deal. He also said that the price for lots here, about 240 square meters, doubled once the permit to develop was granted, and that was also against the agreement the subdivision owners had with the local government.DSC

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Another Day in the Philippines, Another Lizard

Got up this morning at 5am, slept in, didn’t hear the roosters. But the pounding rain woke the wife and I up. She crawled out underneath the mosquito net, and I followed a few minutes later. She’s whacking away at a big lizard with a 4 ft metal pole, the lizard, about a foot long, a lot bigger than the little lizard critters that crawl around here, and she got it to finally go outside thru an open window. We need to get screens on all these windows to keep the lizards out. That will be another home improvement project.lizard

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Quitting the Rat Race & Waking Up to the Roosters

Welcome to my first blog. “The Rooster Crows at 4am!” This blog will be a chronicle of moving from the United States to the Philippines & the extreme change in lifestyle for one like myself, a 57 year old white male, married to a beautiful Filipino, Melinda, (almost 9 1/2 years now) and retiring after almost 30 years with AT&T. I live on the island of Guimaras now, a rural province near the larger island of Iloilo. Moved here in mid-July 2009.DSC

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