The Little Beggar Boy

Here is a story of a brief encounter I had in Iloilo a couple of weeks that I will always remember. I ran this story for one day just shortly after the event, and decided to pull it for awhile and update it as I have gathered some more information. It is not a happy story, nothing funny at all about it, but as I have written in previous blogs, I observe and relate my viewpoint of life here in the Philippines. Sometimes my stories are humorous. This is not one of those stories.

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Travel the Philippines First Class!

Check it out. The fan. I got the full meal deal, the ultimate in jeepney luxury travel. You’d think I was the President of the Philippines! A celebrity ! Not only did I get to ride shotgun again (and my buddy, the regular dispatcher at the Jordan Wharf was even off this Sunday), but I experienced the jeepney dashboard fan for the first time. Regular readers of this blog might recall that jeepneys are open-aired vehicles with no air con of course. The driver was so nice that he turned on his dash fan while we were still waiting for the jeepney to fill up; you don’t leave until every last passenger can get squeezed into that vehicle.

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Mr.Guimaras and the Redneck!

Wait a minute. I know what you’re thinking. Why is yours truly, The Bonehead’s picture, not on this poster? I live in Guimaras, right? I’m a “Mr.”, OK? And if you look at my photos that I post on this blog, I’m always stylishly dressed. Take for example the way cool cap and cheap sunglasses and the non- Politically Correct t-shirt I have on: the classic skull wearing the cowboy hat with the Confederate flag in the background. Do you think I bought it at some redneck truck stop back in the States where the waitress sports a bleeding heart tatoo on her biceps with “MOM” etched on it? No way, Sugar Plum!  I bought it here in the Philippines, and I purchased it because it’s hard to find a shirt that fits me  here, and it was cheap, about one dollar. If I want to run around on the edge of the jungle in the Philippines wearing it, who’s going to care. I mean I can even pee in public (as long as my back is to everyone) on a busy main street here in San Miguel and nobody cares.  And by the way, have you ever tried to explain to a Filipino what a “redneck” is? Attempted to explain it to Sainted Patient Wife once. She had no frickin’ clue what I was talking about.


The Sari Sari Store’s Cow!

Over at “The Compound” on the edge of the jungle in the Philippines, we have a cow that visits the empty lots on either side of us. The cow belongs to our neighbor who owns the local Sari Sari Store. A Sari Sari (means “various kinds” in Tagalog) store is an equivalent of convenience stores back in the States, small neighborhood shops usually attached to the owners home and many times barred in front. But don’t expect to buy anything in bulk, single items of products are purchased: soda in a small plastic baggie with a straw, single sizes of shampoos, snacks, single cigarettes, toothpaste, one egg (six pesos), etc.


The older gentlemen that is our jeepney dispatcher in San Miguel here in Guimaras is a jovial man that always chats we me, and is impressed when I use my limited amount of Tagalog (Filipino) on him. He stuck his head inside the jeepney one day to ask Sainted Patient Wife if I knew Tagalog; he just couldn’t believe some Bonehead Americano like me knew some phrases in his language. Aww, shucks, I was just B.S.ing  him like I did all my co-workers back in the States. It’s a gift. Our San Miguel dispatcher always steers me to a front seat next to the driver where there is more room. Today somebody else was sitting up front, and he made them scoot over to make room for me (it was a bench seat up front, still more room than poor Sainted Patient Wife had in the back with the other passengers.) Gave the dispatcher a six-pack of San Miguels last week; don’t think that hurt my chances to get future front seats riding shotgun. Doesn’t matter wherever you are in the world, be it Manila or Memphis, it’s always good to schmooze a bit.




I was asked by a reader of this blog, why I refer to my wife Melinda as Sainted Patient Wife, and he suggested it might be a good topic for a short blog entry. Well, thanks to David for that suggestion, and check out his interesting blog http://www.marinduqueawaitsyou.blogspot.com/ about life in the Philippines in Marinduque. David’s blog entry for October 4th, talks about Guimaras and his ties to our little island.


God Gutted The Clouds Above!

Rained last night at “The Compound”. I mean it came down continuously, along with high winds, and it was if God Himself had gutted the clouds above us with a sharp bolo knife. And the rain was coming out of our ceiling at eight different points since the tarp on the roof that the construction crew had put into place as they work on our new roof couldn’t stand up to the battering rains and wind. Sainted Patient Wife and sister-in-law Marjorie (don’t have a nickname for her yet) placed various pots and pans to collect the rain, and I had to protect my new computer desk with plastic sheeting and a huge bucket to collect the rain that was dripping down on it.


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We’ve just experienced another brownout here in Guimaras in the Philippines, and I’m fearful of another one soon since we have had some thunderstorms that have just clobbered us. Hoping I can get this blog finished before we lose power again. The photo on my left is my brother-in-law Moises, with twin nieces, April on the left, and that would leave Michelle on the right. Sainted Patient Wife and I took Moises to the dock at Iloilo so he could board a ship that will take him to Manila; he hasn’t seen his wife and children for over a year now, since he has been on a tuna fishing boat off the coast of New Guinea for the past year. Moises stayed with us for a week, but I didn’t know if he was going to make it to that boat after what happened early this morning.



Here’s a true story that happened to Sainted Patient Wife Melinda many years ago here in Guimaras before she married Bonehead me. And no, the following photo wasn’t taken at a disco, but at our good friends’ home back in the States: Lourdes, Richard, and Snowball (Snowball is Richard’s white rabbit, Richard is a magician.)