Another Wild Ride to the Iloilo Airport!

Arrived home from the Cebu Airport last night (Thursday) as my Cebu Pacific flight touched down at the Iloilo City airport around 6:30 pm. As I have mentioned in previous posts, the cheapest way I have found to travel from the Ortiz Dock (where my pump boat from Guimaras docks) in Iloilo City to the Iloilo International Airport is to take a jeepney going to SM City (just look for the SM City Blue Logo on the vehicle), and pay only seven pesos (16 cents) for the ride. Once at SM City, go to the Airport Shuttle Service (just ask any security guard), and the friendly Meriam Transport Service will be happy to assist you. The charge for the 15-20 minute ride to the airport is 70 pesos ($1.60 US Dollars) each (50 pesos from the airport to SM City or other locations; SM City collects a P20 fee when the shuttle departs from there.) My wife and I have negotiated taxi rates from the Ortiz Dock to the Iloilo Airport for P350, so you can save P273 (almost $6.26) by taking the jeepney/Meriam transport route.Iloilo Airport of International Standards

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The Kano Makes His First Trip to Cebu!

I'll be in Cebu in the Philippines for the first time when this article posts. Have to take care of some business, however, I will be returning to beautiful Guimaras Island late the following day. If you leave a comment, I will not be able to reply to it or moderate any comments until I return. I'm taking a Cebu Pacific flight from Iloilo City to get to Mactan Cebu International Airport for a round trip cost of 1,375 pesos (approximately 31 US Dollars.) I hope to have a post sometime on Friday about the trip along with a review of Cebu Pacific.suite

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NSO Records: Philippines Visa Information


Starting a new category, visa help, that will give you some information and tips on obtaining a philippines visa for those wanting to move to the Philippines or expats currently residing here. I'll be adding a separate category later for those that need visa help for their Filipina fiancee or wife that they may be planning to bring to the United States.  My first tip will talk about a much easier way to obtain necessary NSO (National Statistics Office of the Philippines) documents for your Filipina spouse or fiancee than to stand all day in long, non-air con offices at local NSO offices. My wife spent many frustrating days  years ago at the NSO facilities in Manila when she had to obtain the paperwork for her Spousal Immigration Visa to the United States.Puerta Isabel II

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I’m the Victim of Racial Profiling on Guimaras Island!


Beautiful Guimaras Island, home of the sweetest mangoes in the Philippines. White sandy beaches with gorgeous and exotic Filipinas frolicking in the turquoise blue clear water. Who would have thought your resident Americano would be the target of racial profiling in such a idyllic setting? But I was this past Sunday morning before I boarded the pump boat from Jordan Wharf to the Oritiz Dock in Iloilo City.DSC

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Philippine Call Centers Overtake India!More Jobs Stolen From American Workers!

call center

My grandfather, Lester H. DeWall, was president of a coal miner's union back in Illinois many decades ago. He walked with union organizer, Mother Jones, once called “The Most Dangerous Woman in America” (she is buried at Union Miners Cemetery in Mt. Olive, Illinois where my grandfather lived.) Grandpa used to have to ride to work with a loaded shotgun on his front seat and a pair of brass knuckles in his coat pocket.call center

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Conclusion of The Cute Filipina Scammer!

Yesterday's story ended with the revelation that a cute, 19-year-old Filipina requested that I buy her a new laptop for 23,000 pesos, almost 525 USD! As I mentioned in yesterday's article, my Filipina wife and I were considering the possibility of operating an introduction service in the Philippines where interested foreigners would be introduced to Filipinas that would like to meet them. As I also stated,  this venture would NOT be a marriage broker service, which is illegal in the Philippines. We could possibly help some ladies from the Philippines meet some guys that we have done background checks on before introducing them to any Filipinas. We also would have checked the backgrounds of the ladies to reduce the possibility of our guys from being scammed.

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Cute Filipina Dancer Wants Me To Buy Her A Laptop!


Have to exercise caution if you are a foreign guy living in the Philippines. Doesn't matter to some of the cute Filipinas living here if you are married or not. I always make that clear up front in any conversation I have with sales girls at SM City in Iloilo which is the usual shopping hangout for my beautiful Filipina wife and I. I've been happily married for over 10 years, but am treated like a celebrity at my new home in the Philippines. Several months ago I wrote a story about a cute Filipina pushing a baby carriage in SM City who wanted to visit me at our home on Guimaras Island. It made no difference to her whatsoever that I was married.



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This Ain’t Your Typical American Middle-Class Subdivision!


I posted a photo once in my first blog, “The Rooster Crows at 4am!”, of our subdivision road that runs in front of our home in Jordan municipality in the rural province of Guimaras. One of our good friends back in Illinois was amazed when he saw the picture because he thought we lived in a “subdivision.” As you can see by the picture on this post, a “subdivision” in a rural Philippines province is quite different than one you would find in America. When I first learned that our home was officially recognized as a subdivision by our local barangay (village), I, too, was quite surprised. DSC

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Christmas Trees in the Philippines, Darren McGavin and my Dad

Saw online that if we lived in the Metro Manila area we could purchase a fresh, 7 ft. to 8 ft. Douglas fir tree for Christmas shipping directly from Oregon in the United States for 3,899.95 pesos, or almost 88 US Dollars. The S&R, Costco-like,  warehouse stores in the Manila area are selling these genuine Christmas trees with a reservation fee of P800 required. Of course it is way too expensive and impractical for us to make such a trip, but if we ever decided to relocate later in the Manila area, it's good to know for future reference that we have a place to buy a real Christmas tree.DSC