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Latest Progress Report On Our New Home in the Philippines

close up view of the new porch

Here’s the latest progress report on our new home in the Philippines on the mango island province of Guimaras in Western Visayas were we reside. Construction is going into Week Five and the following pictures were taken only a few days after the latest post regarding this enterprise. Our new house will be the dwelling for five people and covers over 3,000 square feet. It will have four bedrooms and four corresponding CR’s, Comfort Rooms, one for each bedroom which will include a guest bedroom.

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Construction Costs for our New Home in the Philippines

workers building our new porch

Construction costs for our new home in the Philippines is the topic for today’s post. I took new pictures of our job site a few days ago and a recent comment from Kevin prompted me to confer with my asawa, who is in charge of buying materials for our house and handling our construction crew’s salaries, to check on our ongoing construction costs. My wife handles these chores in addition to taking care of her father, afflicted with dementia, and running a household of six people. Me? I stay out of the way and do as little as possible, something I’m exceptionally good at. 

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Progress Report: New Home Construction in the Philippines

a look at our new house construction in the Philippines

Progress Report: New Home Construction in the Philippines. It’s been three weeks since my last report and I’m pleased with the progress our crew has made thus far. After a trip to the States, I visited our job site along with my asawa the other day and took the following pictures. Most of the exterior walls have been built and work on the interior walls has begun. 

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A Valentine’s Day Tribute to my Sainted Patient Wife

My beautiful asawa

I’ve been happily married over 15 years. Until this year, I’ve been able to celebrate most of Cupid’s Fiestas with my asawa except for the year 2000 in which I was waiting for her to join me in the States as we awaited the processing of her Spousal Visa. This is a Valentine’s Day Tribute to my Sainted Patient Wife. 

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Gerry Comes Through for The Kano

Gerry the Caretaker

Gerry the caretaker comes through for The Kano. The custodian at “The Farm,” where we currently reside as the construction continues on the building of our new home, is an invaluable helper to both my wife and me. Gerry takes care of problems at “The Farm” and is part of a construction crew at our new property site on his days off from our current location. He also works as our security guard at the new site. He’s one busy guy.

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Our Filipino Car Insurance Report

the damaged Ford Ranger XLT in the Philippines

Our Filipino car insurance report was a virgin experience for both my asawa and me. My loving wife sideswiped a sand and gravel truck on the husky size the other day and came out on the losing end. Our new Ford Ranger XLT passenger truck was not even a week old. It was the battle of David and Goliath and David, the little guy, got his ass kicked this time.

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Crusty Old Expat Visits Iloilo LTO and Acquires Student Permit

sexy filipina ford car show model

Ford Car Show Model (Photo Source: ABS-CBN News.com )

My asawa converted her Illinois Driver’s License to a Philippine Driver’s License about 18 months ago. My Illinois License, which I first acquired at the age of 16, had expired two years ago. I could have renewed it at the local Land Transportation Office like my spouse did, but since we only recently acquired a vehicle, felt no need to do so. In retrospect, it probably would have been smarter to renew before it did expire because once a foreign driver’s license is expired the owner of such license has to first obtain a student permit. Thus, the crusty old expat visits the Iloilo LTO and acquired said student permit.

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