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Part One. My Wife Is Attacked at McDonald’s at SM City in Iloilo!

This is part one of a three part series detailing a disturbing event that happened last year.) The following incident happened this past Saturday, August 7th, 2010. I have waited several days to write this story, because there is a distinct possibility that there could be some sort of retaliation against our family in the Philippines if it is published.

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Cute Filipina at Mall with Baby Says “I Will Come to Visit You!”

(This was one of my most popular stories from "Lizard Poop!") Shopping at my favorite place in Iloilo, SM City, with my asawa, wife, who was in another part of the mall. Love to walk around the mall since most of it has good air con, and I can get some exercise in walking from the lower level to the third floor. After having devoured an "upsized" Big Mac, I felt I should burn off a few calories. I had been walking for a couple of hours when I was greeted by a cute Filipina  (not the one in the photo) with a small child.

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First Year in the Philippines! What I Like Most About the Philippines!

First year in the Philippines! Part Three. To end this series about my experiences after retiring to the Philippines with my beautiful Filipina wife one year ago (she is in front of the doorway with the green polka dot dress),  I am publishing my list of  what I have liked most about dwelling in this paradise. So I present my list of what I like enjoy the most about the Philippines:New Year's Eve with the relatives

First Year in the Philippines! The Pitfalls in Paradise! Part Two!

Here is a list of my Pitfalls in Paradise!   (or things that really irritate me): Living with my mother-in-law or relatives  (not to worry, my mother-in-law can’t read English) The heat and humidity (sucks all of the energy out of you at first,  get an air con!) Lack of privacy (mother-in-law peers into our room, no bathroom … Read more

First Year in the Philippines! Part One

First Year in the Philippines!  July 15th, 2010 will mark my first year living in the Philippines. My patient Filipina wife and I arrived in Manila one year ago, stayed at her sister Emily's house and slept in a bedroom with air con. That was the last air conditioning we had until mid April of this year when we had one installed in our present home in Guimaras, a residence I like to fondly call "The Compound".Pump Boat in Guimaras

Bloodsucking Cab Drivers of Manila! Part Two!

Cab Drivers of Manila! Part Two! Related some bad experiences with taxi drivers in the Metro Manila area yesterday, and I'm continuing that theme for today. One rainy Saturday  this past June while shopping again at the Fairview SM Mega Mall in Novaliches, my Filipina wife and I tried to hail a cab. I stood in the background as my wife tried to get a cab. No luck!DSC

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Bloodsucking Cab Drivers of Manila! Part One!

Bloodsucking Cabbies of Manila! Had to go to the Immigration and Visa Office in Manila a few weeks ago to obtain an ACR-I, Alien Certificate Registration card, which will enable me to stay (legally) in the Philippines for another year. The local immigration facilities located in nearby Iloilo City advised me that I had to go to Manila to get my ACR-I. But that's another story.taxi lrg

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How I Met The Sainted Patient Wife— Part Three, the Conclusion!

When I ended yesterday's blog entry on the story of how I met The Sainted Patient Wife, a destructive earthquake had just shattered Taiwan killing thousands, and major aftershocks were still rippling throughout the nation. I had no way to check Melinda’s status in Taipei City; I had no phone number there, so I decided to see if I could get any information from the Internet. I posted a question in a forum that was discussing the earthquake and asked if anyone knew what the status was in Taipei City. scan

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