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Filipino Time—Unplugged!

I recently read a post on another blog describing a “Filipino Timed” event. This newcomer to the Philippines described how untimely his engagement party went down and his take on how Filipino time affects the daily lives of nearly everybody that lives in the Archipelago. He learned quickly that Filipino Time affects nearly everything during one’s daily routine. What really needs to be understood is that there are many underlying problems to why this is, which is better understood as “Filipino Timing.”filipino time button ptsj

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Living in the Domain of the Golden Dragon

Birthday Party at Beach

As Dave usually writes about enjoying an iced cold Pale Pilsen with friends while relaxing on the second floor atop the UR Zone in Iloilo City, I sit and stare out my window here in Tupelo, Mississippi. And while him and his friends savor the taste of the best beer in all of Asia, I still long for the day I can return to the easy life in the Philippines.Birthday Party at Beach

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The Official Time of the Philippines: Juan Time or Filipino Time?

filipino time button ptsj

Recently, I’ve seen many a reference being made to “Filipino Time” and thought this would be a good time to delve into this tradition to help understand why being late for everything is considered the norm in the Philippines. Being married – so to speak –  to the Archipelago (a Filipina) for over 25 years, I am all too familiar with the Filipino’s standards of tardiness.There are no standards really. Filipino Time Button

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Return to Paradise, Part Three

peanut store

Food, family and good times. One thing I should mention is eating while in the Philippines. When around family it seems eating is never done. I recall how in the mornings, we would enjoy our coffee (Nescafe 3-in-1) with freshly baked pandesal purchased from a rolling store (usually a honking bicycle with a big box on the back.)peanut store

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Return to Paradise, Part One

Air Mall at Domestic Terminal Manila

(Here's part one of a guest post from Randy who's sharing his recent adventure to the Philippines. Thanks, Randy!  Great story and photos. —Dave.)

Our trip from Tupelo, MS. began early enough at 0200 with a 1.5 hour drive to Memphis International Airport. We boarded an American Airlines flight at 0600 bound for Chicago where we connected to Asiana Airlines for the long two legged trip to Manila, via Seoul, Korea.Air Mall at Domestic Terminal Manila

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