American Expat in the Philippines: Companion Guide to The Ph Expat Advisor



This companion guide to my first book about the Philippines, “The Philippines Expat Advisor,” is an eclectic mix of stories, tips and general advice for expats and future expats that I’ve written over the past eight years as it relates to the Philippines.

It covers a wide range of diverse topics from “Sexpats, White Babies, and Rock Stars” to “How to Start a Business in the Philippines.”

“American Expat in the Philippines” is a joy to read. It contains wonderful stories about life in the Philippines from a foreigner’s viewpoint and it is quite interesting.

It has a fresh perspective that only someone not around here can give. It is fresh, witty, entertaining, and smart. It has a lot of funny stories and anecdotes.

If you want to visit the Philippines, I suggest reading this book first as it will give you an untarnished and unbiased look on what living in the Philippines is all about.

It is honest and raw, you won’t go wrong in getting this book. It will help you a lot in gaining a new insight on what life is all about in the Philippines.

Gen Wisen, Metro Manila

225 jam-packed pages

  • Starting your own Business in the Philippines, What a Foreigner Needs to Know

  • Business and Job Opportunities for Foreigners

  • Healthcare and Medical Costs for Expats in the Philippines

  • Cable and Satellite TV Advice in the Philippines for Expats

  • Hiring a Maid in the Philippines


Discover why so many foreigners in the Philippines hear this:


Hi, my name is Dave “The Kano” DeWall. I retired to the Philippines over eight years ago from Central Illinois with my beautiful Filipina wife of almost 18 years. My new E-book, “American Expat in the Philippines” will entertain and educate.

“10 Outrageous Things that make you look Stupid in the Philippines” relates several of the many experiences I’ve brought upon myself these past eight years such as the following:

  • Dancing at a karaoke bar in Guimaras with a bakla, gay guy, named “Huge.”
  • Trying to keep up with Filipino relatives drinking Red Horse during a Fiesta.
  • Riding the back of a jeepney in Guimaras after way too many beers with Captain Tom, Paul and Jeff in Iloilo.
  • A tense encounter with “The Manggahan Festival Masturbator.
  • Drinking too much Tanduay Rhum at the Shirven Hotel with three visiting martial arts masters from America.
  • Causing a scene at the Samsung store at SM City Iloilo.
  • Causing a scene at the Cebu Ticket Office in Iloilo City.
  • Flipping off two Punks.

A majority of the outrageously stupid things I’ve done the past eight years were fueled by way too many bottles of adult beverages. In “Don’t try this at home” I explain why I only quaff a beer or two anymore.

Check out these other amazing stories:

  • “I’m a Stud in the Philippines”

  • “Mistresses are a Fact of Life in the Philippines”

  • “Heroes of the Philippines”

  • “Sea Gypsy Beggars”



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