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With the longest and strictest lockdowns in the world, what did you expect?

As you might have noticed, I haven’t posted anything in weeks. While I try to check the Philippine Bureau of Immigration website daily for future articles, sometimes it’s not always accessible. It’s a good source of information for future expats to the Philippines. It also provides useful information for those foreigners already living in the PH.

However, I was getting a message that “the requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.” I couldn’t access the website for weeks. After checking Google for possible solutions, such as clearing my browser cache, nothing worked.

Consequently, a huge light bulb turned on over my fathead, and I realized that Immigration had a Facebook page. You’re not a Filipino if you don’t have a Facebook account and check it at least 500 times a day.


However, I digress. Let’s get back to today’s post “MASS EXODUS OF FOREIGNERS FROM PHILIPPINES.”

A recent Press Release from the Bureau of Immigration (BI) projects that the exodus of foreign nationals in the country will continue until the end of 2020.

BI Commissioner Jaime Morente revealed the news. From January to September 2020, only 1.5 million foreign nationals arrived in the Philippines. Most of them arrived before the full implementation of the travel restrictions. In contrast, almost 2 million foreign nationals departed the country during the same period.

The exodus, of course, is an effect of the Covid-19 pandemic, which triggered travel restrictions worldwide.

“Similar to our overseas Filipino workers who wished to come home to their families during the pandemic, a lot of foreign nationals left as well,” said Morente.

Koreans Top the List of Fleeing Foreigners

Topping the list of departures were Koreans with more than 400,000 exits. Americans and Chinese came in second with around 300,000 departures. Japanese nationals had more than 166,000 exits.

“In 2020, due to the pandemic, for the first time, we’ve seen more departures of foreign nationals than arrivals,” said Morente.

Moreover, since the Philippine government is still restricting travel to the Philippines, what could they expect? If you’re not letting most foreigners back into the Philippines due to restrictive lockdowns and asinine quarantine rules, you’re going to get less visitors.

Excessive Regulations for Visiting Boracay

Do you want to visit the beautiful white sandy beaches of Boracay? Good luck with that. According to the official government website of Aklan, where Boracay is located, you’ll need to jump through a myriad of hoops first.

You’ll need to register on the official government website, https://www.touristboracay.com/ and choose Boracay in the “Where To” page. You’ll then need to submit a copy of your RT-PCR Negative Result with date of extraction within 72 hours to date of travel.

A copy of your confirmed booking slip/form, roundtrip flight/travel details, and proof of identification with Philippine Residency is also required.

Wait! There’s more. You’ll need a “Final Validator” email response with your QR (Quick Response) Code. Your Tourist QR Code has an expiration of twelve (12) hours from your accommodation checkout time. Moreover, I’m giving you the condensed version of the requirements.

Limited Opening of Tourism Spots in the Philippines

Morente sees that the exodus of foreign nationals will have a major impact in tourism efforts of the country. Tourism efforts? Check out the above requirements for visiting Boracay. Such regulations are common throughout other tourist locations that are even allowed to open. Who would want to go through the hassle of even visiting Boracay? Boracay used to average 5,000 visitors a day. That number is now down to about 50.

“The government had made significant strides in improving tourism,” said Morente. “However, this pandemic proved to counter all previous efforts,” he added.

“You can see the effect,” said Morente. “Areas that were once booming with foreign tourists, workers, or students are now empty. We’re hoping that little by little, the confidence of foreign nationals to visit our country, invest here, work here, or study here be renewed as we work to fight this pandemic,” he stated.

“We hope that Covid19 be resolved soon, so we may revive the tourism economy which was badly hit by this pandemic,” he said.

Guimaras Only Opens to Region 6 Residents

Guimaras, the island province, we call home, has also “reopened” tourism. However, tourists from Region 6 may only visit Guimaras without the need for any COVID-19 test.

relaxing at Raymen Beach Resort in Guimaras

In addition, any tourists outside of Region 6 wanting to enter Guimaras for non-essential purposes will need a negative real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test result. Region 6, Western Visayas, consists of six provinces: Aklan, Antique, Capiz, Guimaras, Iloilo, and Negros Occidental.

Idiots at WHO Want to Call off Christmas

Why pay thousands for pesos for a test just to enter an area? That’s not conducive to opening tourism. Yet, the Chinese, along with a WHO Director said to be a member of a Communist terrorist group in Ethiopia, along with Bill Gates could be the driving force behind the whole COVID-19 scam, according to some theorists.

Who knows? I wouldn’t be surprised. Furthermore, so-called medical “experts” and left-wing politicians are telling Americans to stay home during Thanksgiving. Moreover, the asinine idiots at WHO don’t even want families to get together for Christmas.

The madness continues!

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