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2 Aussies w/o Required Permits Blacklisted by Philippine Immigration

It seems that some folks pay no attention to the laws in the Philippines. As a foreigner who has lived in the archipelago since 2009, I’ve been a witness to flagrant violations of regulations. Because of the casual enforcement of rules, some foreigners may believe that they will never be apprehended for violating the law. However, two Australians are now paying the price for their flaunting of the rules. Hence, today’s post, “2 Aussies w/o Required Permits Blacklisted by Philippine Immigration.”

Turd in a Punch Bowl

First, please use some common sense. If you’re an expat in the Philippines, you face intense scrutiny. You stick out like a turd in a punchbowl. The attention you receive may backfire.

Such is the case of two Australians banned from entering the Philippines. They were working in the country without the required permits and visas. A BI Press Release states that BI Commissioner Jaime Morente ordered the inclusion of the duo to the Immigration “naughty” list. Nashat Satar, 50, and Joseph Benjamine Goodacre, 36, are the two Australian scofflaws. This was upon recommendation of the bureau’s legal division.

However, the Australians are currently abroad. Due to the blacklist, they can no longer re-enter the Philippines.

Stern Warning from the Commissioner

“This should again serve as a warning to other foreigners who are illegally working here. They must secure the appropriate permit and visa before engaging in gainful employment,” Morente said.

Satar and Goodacre were senior management executives of two Cebu City companies.  Real estate and the construction business were the firms’ main enterprises.

Filipino workers employed in the said companies reported the activities of the two Australians to the BI.

Australians Refuse to Obey the Rules

It’s alleged that Satar and Goodacre continued to ignore the repeated advice of the company’s Filipino executives for them to secure the appropriate work permits and visas. Such permits are required under the country’s Philippine labor and immigration laws.

The duo continued to exercise control and supervision over the companies’ business operations. This, despite their failure to apply for work permits and visa.

Allegedly, the Australians managed the company. With no legal authority, they hired the companies’ employees, including brokers, real estate agents, and security guards.

2 Aussies w/o Required Permits Blacklisted by Philippine Immigration

Therefore, what happens when you flaunt the rules and end up on Immigration’s blacklist? If you try to re-enter the Philippines, you’ll be on the next flight back to your country of origin. Obey the rules. You’re a visitor in the Philippines. A guest. Act accordingly and you should have no problems with Immigration.

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