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Philippine Bureau of Immigration Crackdown on Foreigners Claiming to Have Filipino Spouses

Two boneheads from South Korea screwed up. Shin Bumsik, 20, and Woo Jungje, 34, have a problem. The dimwitted duo is now on the Bureau of Immigration’s blacklist. Moreover, this is worse than being on Santa Claus’s “naughty list.” It’s akin to landing on someone’s human excrement list. The two South Korean nationals tried to enter the Philippines at Mactan-Cebu International Airport last Monday, August 17, 2020. However, the two presented fake marriage certificates to Immigration officials. Consequently, today’s post, “Philippine Bureau of Immigration Crackdown on Foreigners Claiming to Have Filipino Spouses.”

Philippine Bureau of Immigration Crackdown on Foreigners Claiming to Have Filipino Spouses

A Philippine Bureau of Immigration, BI, Press Release reports that two South Korean nationals were attempting to enter the Philippines at the Mactan airport. They had arrived aboard an Aseana Airlines flight from Seoul. BI Acting Chief Grifton Medina said both passengers, who had tourist visas, presented scanned copies of marriage certificates purportedly showing they are married to Filipinas.

This reportedly aroused the suspicion of the immigration officers on duty. The officials decided to refer the passengers to their supervisors for secondary inspection.

“It was later found that one of them, Shin Bumsik who is only 20 years old, could not have married a Filipina as he had never traveled to the Philippines before,” Medina said.

The other Korean, 34-year-old Woo Jungje, was also telling a fib. Jungje was out of the country at the time of his alleged marriage in October last year.

Consequently, BI officers will be tightly screening foreigners who claim to have Filipino spouses.

Warning from the Commissioner

“Don’t trick our officers by presenting bogus marriage certificates because that will not work. You will be turned back to where you came from and can no longer return to our country,” Immigration Commissioner Jamie Morente warned.

“I have ordered our frontline officers at the ports to be doubly strict in screening foreigners alleging that they are married to Filipinos or have Filipino children here. It is not enough that they have entry visas, marriage and birth certificates in their possession,” Morente said.

Morente, however, warned that the BI would run after foreigners who managed to enter the country through fraud and misrepresentation.

Morente wants the public to report any foreigner involved in these sham marriages. Violators will join the Korean “Beavis and Butthead” on Immigration’s blacklist.

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