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S&R Philippines Best Membership Shopping

We were excited as a turd in a toilet bowl when the S&R store in nearby Iloilo City opened up several years ago. S&R is a membership-shopping club. It’s modeled after the warehouse membership shopping chains introduced in the United States. While I had joined Sam’s Club back in the States at one time, we’ve never had the opportunity to have a membership, warehouse retail outlet available until S&R opened up in Iloilo. Hence, today’s post, S&R Philippines Best Membership Shopping.”

S&R Philippines Best Membership Shopping

S&R’s website states that their mission is to deliver significant value to member-customers through an effective and efficient system. Their operations are fixed on aggressive buying, low-cost distribution and streamlined operations. S&R provides an expansive selection of imported and local items in value packed sizes. Personally, I love the selection of food products, especially from the States, that I can’t find anywhere else.

While I used to be keen on Spam, which I can even find in our island province of Guimaras, my wife has banned it from my diet. She doesn’t want me eating processed foods since my gall bladder removal surgery. Sadly, Spam and Cheetos, my favorite junk food, fall into the processed food category.

However, I’ve managed to lately sneak in some purchases of my favorites like frozen Banquet Salisbury Steaks, White Castle Cheeseburgers, and blocks of cheese imported from the States. My wife sometimes frowns as I put these high fat products in our grocery carts.

In contrast, she is pleased when I purchase healthier options, such as Nuttelex Original, a healthy alternative to butter. Nuttelex is dairy free, lactose, free, nut oil free, gluten free, soy free, salt reduced, and has cholesterol free oil. It also has natural flavors and colors. It’s made in Australia. A 500-gram container is pricey, however, at 250 pesos, five US dollars. Nonetheless, another reason for naming S&R Philippines as the best membership shopping outlet. 

Gold Membership

S&R Philippines offers a tremendous amount of bargains. We easily save enough money in one shopping trip to pay for our Gold Membership. S&R Philippines offers a Gold Card for only 700 pesos a year, 14 USD.

Membership is available to all qualifying individuals 18 years of age and over. Members are required to present their Membership Cards at the entrance. Membership Cards are NON-TRANSFERABLE. Members are welcome to bring their children and guests. However, only Members may purchase using his/her Membership Card.

While S&R’s website states that only one person per membership card is only allowed due to current lockdowns, I’m not questioned when I bring my wife with me into the store. Our friendly greeter in Iloilo City always makes us welcome. The employees are always helpful. Hence, it’s a pleasure to shop there, affirming again the title of this post S&R Philippines Best Membership Shopping.”

Buy in Bulk Bargains

As a warehouse-style retail outlet, S&R Philippines offers an abundance of items you can purchase in bulk. Furthermore, they offer real bargains and offer cheaper prices than other retail stores. We used to do the bulk of our shopping at the SM City Supermarket in Iloilo City, but now find we can save a lot more money shopping at S&R. Again, the varieties of products we discover at S&R are not available anywhere else in Iloilo City.

High Quality Chicken and Pork

Consequently, we buy most of our chicken and pork from S&R.  Their Meat Preparation Area is refrigerated 40 degrees Fahrenheit or 4 Degrees Celsius. The meat is always fresh. Their safe and sanitary operating standards are impressive. Moreover, S&R features premium international breeds with the highest-grade pork done through selection of pigs with the lowest fat to meat ratio. The pork is immediately blast chilled to prevent microbial growth offering freshness no other retail outlet can offer.

Sourced from one accredited supplier that prevents cross contamination of chicken compared with multiple suppliers. Guaranteed are consistent quality and standard size specifications. Delivered straight from the dressing plants are their poultry products.

Australian/New Zealand Beef

Regularly flown-in fresh Australian/New Zealand beef. Offering premium tenderness and flavor. S&R Philippines keeps it freshly chilled not frozen, locking in its original goodness. Australian/New Zealand-breed beef, aged for optimum tenderness and kept chilled for a minimum of 7 days after slaughter to reveal the beef’s inherent tenderness. Delivered in chilled a vacuum pack that protects meat from contamination. We’re a big fan of their meat products.

Premium and Tasty Fresh Bakery Products

We love S&R’s bakery department. Their products are baked fresh daily using imported ingredients. S&R Philippines always offers “Buy 1, Take 1” goodies such as humongous muffins and cakes. We always take advantage of these specials and bring our extra “free” package of baked treats to our nieces and nephew in Guimaras.

We also buy several packages of their large pan de sal for my father-in-law, Lolo (Grandpa.) Pan de sal is Lolo’s mainstay for breakfast along with a cup of coffee.

S&R’s New York Style Rocks

These made-to-order 18-inch pizzas are now available at all S&R Clubs (P679) and S&R New York Style Pizza Parlor (P699.) (from S&R Twitter)

S&R’s pepperoni New York style pizza is off the charts. Huge, greasy, tasty slices that can satisfy the biggest appetite. While I’m on a mainly low fat diet, my asawa lets me indulge when we visit S&R’s food service area. Along with the pizzas, S&R Philippines also offers calzones, churros, hotdogs, cheeseburgers, clam chowder, and rotisserie chicken. At 219 pesos, $4.38, per rotisserie chicken, we always bring one or two home with us.

Great Shopping Atmosphere: S&R Philippines Best Membership Shopping

While we currently have to wear facemasks while shopping at S&R, there’s no one following shoppers around admonishing them to practice “social distancing.” The shoppers are savvy enough to enforce this on their home. As mentioned before, the S&R staff is always eager to help.

Since we have to return home to Guimaras on a pump boat, we have our S&R purchases boxed up. It’s easier to haul our stuff in boxes rather than multiple plastic bags. Purchased items are checked at the door, as is the case with many membership-shopping outlets. However, our items are noted our receipt as one of the employees packs our groceries. The packer then accompanies us to the exit and we’re waved through.

A friendly security guard always secures a taxi for us and our packers help load our cab.

S&R Philippines. Our favorite place to shop in Iloilo City.

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