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What is the Proper Abbreviation for the Philippines?

Philippine Flag

Seems like the Philippines, like other governments across the planet, love acronyms. Since retiring to the Philippines almost 11 years ago, I’ve encountered an abundance of abbreviations. Because I read about a dozen Filipino online newspapers a day, I’ve had to “Google” frequently to see what the acronyms stood for. “RP,” “Republic of the Philippines” … Read more

S&R Philippines Best Membership Shopping

We were excited as a turd in a toilet bowl when the S&R store in nearby Iloilo City opened up several years ago. S&R is a membership-shopping club. It’s modeled after the warehouse membership shopping chains introduced in the United States. While I had joined Sam’s Club back in the States at one time, we’ve … Read more

Cheapest Balikbayan Box & Best Balikbayan Box Size

What is the cheapest Balikbayan box and best Balikbayan box size that will suit your needs? A Balikbayan box is a corrugated box containing items sent by Overseas Filipino Workers, OFWs, (known as “Balikbayans.”) Shipped by sea, also, from Filipinos that have immigrated to other countries by freight forwarding companies. Also, brought by Filipinos returning … Read more

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