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While I watch CNN Philippines news on the weekdays, I’ve never heard a story regarding missing teenagers in the Philippines. In contrast, news outlets in the United States are awash with reports of missing young girls. However, the vast majority of those stories deal with young pretty white girls. If you find that racist, it is. When’s the last time you saw a broadcast about a missing African American, Asian, or Latino girl on American television? Hence, a story I saw recently online got me thinking. Do the Philippines have their own missing teens like Madison Bell?

Who is Madison Bell?

Who is Madison Bell, you might wonder? She’s an 18-year teenager from Ohio who had been missing for about a week. Madison had gone to a tanning salon that had just been allowed to reopen admit the COVID-19 lockdown madness.

Madison was going to be attending her high school graduation in a few hours. Problem is she never showed up. However, her automobile was discovered in a church parking lot near the tanning salon.

Photo credit Facebook and the U.S. Sun

Madison’s car doors were unlocked. Her car keys and cell phone were still inside her automobile. Hence, a major cause of concern. Even Ohio Governor Mike DeWine pleaded for the teen’s safe return. In addition, the FBI joined the investigation along with local officials according to the Daily Mail Online. Posted for her safe return was a $15,000 reward.

The story has a happy conclusion, thankfully. She was found safe. Local Sheriff Barerra says she “left to start a new life.” No foul play said the police. No charges filed.

A white male standing next to a vehicle with California plates was seen in the church parking lot and it wasn’t Madison’s live-in boyfriend. The man in question was found. There is no word at this time if the man had anything to do with the young woman’s disappearance.

Philippines Own Missing Teens Like Madison Bell

Now do the Philippines have their own missing teens like Madison Bell? While I’ve never seen any broadcast television stories that rival the reports I’ve seen on American TV, I have read stories about missing girls in the Philippines.

Case in point. An incident occurred locally in 2018.  It involved a relative of my wife’s.

The poor 23-year-0ld girl was missing for days. Unfortunately, her story had a tragic ending. Charged with murder and rape was the young woman’s 23-year-old ex-boyfriend. He had repeatedly smashed her face with a large rock, initially making her identification difficult.

This heartrending story made the news on many online news website. Most accounts involving missing young women had tragic endings.

15-Year-Old Manila Girl and the Trike Driver

However, I did read of one account that involved a 15-year-old girl from Manila which didn’t end in tragedy. She had been missing for days. She was later found in Pasig City at her 23-year-old boyfriend’s home. Her boyfriend was a tricycle driver.


The boyfriend was charged with “consented abduction” according ABS CBN News.  Instead of returning the 15-year-old girl to her parents, he kept her in his house.

Police said the girl initially didn’t want to leave the man’s house. The girl claimed that they already had a relationship.

The girl’s parents said their daughter left their home after they scolded her for not washing the dishes.

Their daughter then boarded a tricycle driven by the boyfriend and went with him. 

Madison Bell and the 15-year-old girl in Metro Manila. Madison probably wasn’t scolded by her parents for not washing the dishes. However, both were teenagers. It’s a difficult time in life. Made even more difficult by the COVID-19 lockdowns and the mental toll it’s inflicting on millions of people.

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