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Overstaying Kuwaiti Trouble Maker Arrested in Mindanao

Overstaying Kuwaiti Trouble Maker Arrested in Mindanao

Almansour was tagged a troublemaker in his community. Was the man taking an overdose of “stupid pills” over the past several years or was this a case of arrogance on his part, thinking he would never be caught?   The Kuwaiti national was the subject of numerous complaints from residents in the neighborhood. The local mayor said Almansour had caused chaos and trouble in the community, thus necessitating his expulsion from the country. The mayor reported her concerns to the local Immigration office.

It’s beyond my mere mortal comprehension as to why some foreigners in the Philippines blatantly risk ignoring the immigration laws and therefore, risk being imprisoned and deported.

Furthermore, if you live in the Philippines illegally you probably want to maintain a low profile and not draw any more attention to yourself than you already do as a foreigner. Frankly, I don’t understand the stupidity of this man or others like him. If you can’t afford the reasonable immigration fees in the Philippines, you shouldn’t move here in the first place.  

(With reporting from the Philippine Bureau of Immigration.)

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