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During the current worldwide COVID-19 crisis, more and more families are getting together playing board games. Board games break the boredom in the Philippines and all over the planet. Here’ s a look at our nieces and our nephew spending some time playing Jenga, not actually a board game as such.

Do you see a theme in the first three pictures? The kids’ faces are smeared with red lipstick. That was the “punishment” for who ever tipped over the Jenga tower. However, our niece DenDen, seen eating breakfast this morning, did not tip over the tower last night. Therefore, her face remained free of any lipstick penalties.

The kids had a blast. Better than spending all day on Facebook or video games, I think. I gave them the board game Risk, which I loved to play when I was a kid, and I’ll see what kind of treatment they give to the losers in that game.

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