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A BIG THANKS to Guimaras PIA Jaypee, Provincial Engineer Lolit, & Provincial Road Crew

UPDATED 02-23-2020

Here’s a look at the new concrete road near our home in Guimaras. The road improvements extend to the main entrance on a nearby national highway and go fairly close to the main gate of our home. One-half of the road is paved. I imagine that once the concrete cures, the other half of the road will be paved. At least one lane of the road will be open to traffic.

I haven’t measured the length of the improvements but once both sides of the new roadway are completely, I’ll note the distance on our truck’s odometer.

The sections of the road shown above were especially treacherous when the rainy season hit as the road is on an incline. The road would get extremely muddy and difficult to traverse.

We are so delighted to see this improvement and sincerely appreciate it.

THANKS AGAIN! Guimaras Governor Gumarin and his Public Information Officer Jaypee Kein G. Entredicho, and Provincial Engineering Dept., Chief Engineer Lolit and her crew.

UPDATED 02-14-2020

I am happy to report that paving of our road has commenced! Crews have been pouring concrete at a rapid pace. We want to again say thank you to Guimaras Governor Gumarin and his Public Information Officer Jaypee Kein G. Entredicho, and Provincial Engineering Dept., Chief Engineer Lolit and her crew.

Without their help, this project may never have been accomplished.


(Pictures will be posted in the next update)


It’s that time of year again in the Philippines, monsoon season.  The unpaved motorway to our new home had been in a desperate state of disrepair for weeks. Thanks to Guimaras Governor Gumarin and his Public Information Officer Jaypee Kein G. Entredicho, we were able to get our road mended during last year’s rainy season. With the vital assistance of our Provincial Engineering Dept., Chief Engineer Lolit in Guimaras, along with her hard-working crew of drivers and laborers, we are once again able to traverse our road.

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Best TV Satellite System Philippines

UPDATED 02-12-2020

First of all, why doesn’t the Cignal Care Live Chat option work? It used to. Consequently, I tried calling the two toll-free numbers listed on their website. Neither of those worked either. Therefore, I tried a new gambit. Instead of indicating I was a Cignal subscriber, I entered “No.” Checking the “Yes” box on four previous attempts got me nowhere.

I finally reached a service representative using this strategy.

I was questioning why my on-screen EPG, Electronic Program Guide, wasn’t showing any program names for two of my favorite channels, History and TLC. The EPG now only indicates “TLC” and “HISTORY.”

After several minutes the service representive informed me that they, Cignal, have no control over the EPG. The information on it is cared for by their “content provider.”

I questioned why no one from Cignal was contacting their content provider; a reasonable inquiry, in my opinion. However, I figured I would just get a reply repeating the content provider was responsible so I ended the chat.

While many channels on the Cignal program guide do not show the name of the individual programs, there are some channels like TLC and History which I like to check and program for future viewing with my remote. While I have to go to the EPG and click on the channel to see what’s on, I can’t program the remote to watch the show later since no program name is listed.

I tried finding a program guide for TLC Asia online but couldn’t find one yet. I haven’t checked for the History channel yet. Hopefully, a magic fairy will sprinkle some pixie dust and make the program names for History and TLC reappear again.


Another recent post that dealt with my favorite television programs got me to thinking. And that’s not something I often do. “Best TV Satellite System Philippines”: the unfiltered opinion of an American expat in the Philippines. First of all, numerous national and regional cable tv options are available throughout the Philippines. This article will focus on satellite systems available in this land of 7, 500 islands.

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2nd Gall Bladder Attack Downs American Expat in Philippines

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1st Novel Coronavirus (nCoV) Death Outside of China Recorded in Philippines

From a February 2 Press Release from the Philippine Dept of Health (DOH.) The Department of Health (DOH) and the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) today revealed that as of yesterday, February 1, 2020, twenty-four (24) patients under investigation (PUIs) tested negative for the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) while two (2) tested positive. Samples … Read more

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