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USA Leads 2019 List of Sex Offenders Banned from Philippines

Above all, it’s an affront and an embarrassment. The Philippine Bureau of Immigration, BI, banned 160 alien sex offenders from entering the country in 2019. The overwhelming amount of those sex offenders, 128, was from the United States.

USA Leads 2019 List of Sex Offenders Banned from Philippines

Furthermore, that’s an overwhelming 80 percent of all registered sex offenders (RSOs) barred. Those appalling figures come from the official Immigration website. In contrast, 2018 saw 145 foreigners deemed as sex offenders excluded from the Philippines.

RSO refers to a foreigner previously convicted of a sex crime in his country, who has finished serving his sentence or is out on parole or probation. Many are pedophiles charged and found guilty of raping or sexually molesting minors.

In the United States and other Western countries, governments maintain a sex offender registry that allows authorities to trace activities and movements of RSOs.

RSOs Turned Back Immediately

According to BI Port Operations Chief, Grifton Medina, RSOs encountered at the airports are turned back immediately. They are booked on the first available flight to their port of origin.

The country’s immigration act expressly mandates the exclusion of foreigners convicted of crimes involving moral depravity.

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Other Foreigners Also Blacklisted

Excluded, after the Americans, were 11 Britons, 6 Australians, 4 Chinese, and 2 New Zealanders. Expelled also, were a Cameroonian, Canadian, German, Guatemalan, Irish, Korean, Malaysian, Russian, and a Taiwanese.

Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente vowed that the Philippines will always be off-limits to sexual predators “who pose a serious threat to the well-being of Filipino women and children.”

Morente said the BI continues to receive information from its foreign counterparts on RSOs who might possibly travel to the Philippines. He said these aliens are immediately placed in the Immigration blacklist. They are forbidden from entering the country upon their arrival in any Philippine port of entry.

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