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The Philippine Bureau of Immigration, BI, has released their annual “naughty” list. The Chinese lead the 2019 list of 180 rude foreigners barred by the Philippine Bureau of Immigration. Chinese visitors blew away the competition last year as the Bureau prohibited 63 Chinese nationals from entering the Philippines.

Koreans took the #2 spot with 23 scofflaws being denied entry to the Philippines. USA nationals were #3 with a dismal showing of only 10 ugly Americans. The Japanese, however, have a strong chance of coming in #3 in 2020 as they came in #4 with nine citizens banned, only one behind the USA.

Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente said some of the passengers were drunk, rowdy, and unruly when they presented themselves for primary inspection to immigration officers.

“Others, although sober, were arrogant and discourteous,” Medina added. “They would shout expletives, and would even make derogatory statements about Filipinos or the country.”

In 2018 foreigners were barred for being rude and disrespectful. In 2017, 129 were turned back for the same cause.

The rude foreigners have also been blacklisted and banned from entering the country for being undesirable.

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