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UPDATED 12-27-2019

The Guimaras Jollibee was not open yet as of 12-26-2019. A visit to the new fast food joint displayed a large contingent of “worker bees” still trying to get the place in operation. I strolled into the front door and asked when they would be opening.

I was informed by a laborer inside that the Jollibee in Guimaras would be open on Sunday, Dec. 29, 2019.

We’ll wait and see. It looked like a lot of work still remained to be done.

The plump red bee is coming to Guimaras. Frankly, when I first heard the news that Jollibee’s would be opening in Guimaras on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24, 2019, I felt like I was stung. Consequently, I wondered  what effect the biggest fast food chain in the Philippines would have on our tiny island province. Therefore, today’s post: “Jollibee or Scrooge. Which Will You Choose?”

Because of the upcoming Jollibee’s new store opening in Guimaras, many local eateries will undoubtedly experience a drop in business. Smaller outlets in Guimaras will suffer the same fate as “Mom and Pop” operations in the States experienced when a new Walmart opened in their small town.

Once the retail giant Walmart opened their doors, many local stores eventually had to close. That’s the price of progress. Even “Cunningham Hardware” on “Happy Days” wouldn’t have survived even if the “Fonz” showed up to do a promotion.

Photo courtesy of Holiday Film Reviews

Seems like some of my favorite eateries like “Namit Burger,” could face a tough time battling the chubby red bee’s joint.  While Jollibee’s “Champ Burger” is no match for a tasty burger from Namit, the fast food giant is going to be some formidable competition. Jollibee’s will certainly be viewed as a “Scrooge” by some Guimaras restaurants and “carinderia’s.”

In contrast, Jollibee might not affect upscale operations like “Olivia’s Kitchen” that much. However, “Olivia’s,” a favorite hangout for expats in Guimaras, is about the only “upscale” restaurant on our island province.

KTV bars, however, shouldn’t see a drop in business unless Jollibee  brings in female mascots like Hetty and Twirlie.

(This “Mascot Appearance” is from Jollibee Brunei Facebook page)

Above, all I’m not a big fan of Jollibee’s. Their food doesn’t appeal that much to my American taste buds. I’m much rather chow down on a Big Mac than a “Champ Burger.” I prefer tasty fried chicken from KFC to a “Chickenjoy” drumstick.

Furthermore, my wife and I are not fans of French fries from Jollibee’s. At least they canceled their racist blackface commercial featuring Liza Soberano.

Above all, I will be in full “Scrooge” mode when we drive near the new Jollibee’s location in Guimaras. Trikes and jeepneys already crowd the road waiting for passengers or unloading them right next to the new Jollibee. There’s no way for us to avoid the upcoming traffic nightmare.

While the traffic snarls won’t compare to the chaos on EDSA in Metro Manila, it will cause complications on our tiny island province.

While change is sometimes good, the new Jollibee in Guimaras won’t have much impact on this American expat in the Philippines. I’ll just hop on the Yohan Express air-conditioned fast craft to nearby Iloilo City to get my Big Mac fix.

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