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A dangerous criminal was arrested in Roxas City, Capiz. Lawaan village resident 29-year-old Leo Cuya was the scofflaw arrested for selling fuel in bottles. Joint forces of the Roxas City police and the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) apprehended this menace to society.

Scofflaw Arrested for Selling Fuel in Bottles

The Daily Guardian reported that Cuya had allegedly violated Presidential Decree 1865 (Illegal Trading of Petroleum Products) in Criminal Case No. 1930-M.

Cuay faces a bail of P30,000, 600 USD, as recommended by the court that issued his arrest warrant. The suspect is presently at the Roxas City police station. No doubt, residents of Lawaan are breathing easier and unlocking their front doors again.

Guimaras Scofflaws Beware!

As a result of the Roxas City arrest, perhaps retailers in Guimaras selling bottled fuel should take notice. Because we used the local transport system, jeepneys and tricycles, before we purchased our Ford Ranger XLT, our drivers occasionally had to stop for fuel.

Sometimes a trike driver would stop at one of the outlets as seen in the photograph. The man in the picture, whose name I don’t know, wasn’t the outlet’s owner. He was our trike driver. Furthermore, I still spy these outlets along the road occasionally.

Filipino gas station

Presidential Decree (PD) No. 1865

A quick Google search revealed the following information from the Philippine House of Representatives website:

PD 1865, aka “Amending Batas Pambansa (BP) Bilang 33, Entitled ‘An Act Defining And Penalizing Certain Prohibited Acts Inimical To The Public Interests And National Security Involving Petroleum And/Or Petroleum Products, Prescribing Penalties Therefor And For Other Purposes,’ By Including Shortselling And Adulteration Of Petroleum And Petroleum Products And Other Acts In The Definition Of Prohibited Acts, Increasing The Penalties Therein, And For Other Purposes.”

Really? Isn’t the title of this law representative of bloated bureaucracy? My Search Engine Optimization, SEO, tool hates these kind of long sentences.

I’ll save you the pain 0f another long sentence by breaking down what Presidential Decree 1865 prohibits:

  • illegal trading in petroleum and/or petroleum products;
  • adulteration of finished petroleum products,
  • possession of adulterated finished products for the purpose of sale, distribution, transportation, exchange or barter and underdelivery or underfiling beyond authorized limits in the sale of petroleum products
  • possession of underfilled liquefied petroleum gas cylinder for the purpose of sale, distribution, transportation, exchange or barter, among others.
Scofflaw Arrested for Selling Fuel in Bottles

Hence, under the law, the Department of Energy (DOE) fines violators P10,000, 200 USD. Violators may also face criminal charges. Under BP 33, a convicted violator shall be fined from P20,000 to P50,000, or imprisoned for at least two to five years, or both.

In July 2019, three butane dealers in Cebu City received a three-to-four year jail sentence. Their crime? Refilling Liquefied Petroleum Gas into butane canisters then selling them to customers.

First of all, LPG-refilled butane canisters are extremely dangerous, especially since butane canisters should only be used once. Refilling these tin canisters with LPG could cause fire and greatly endanger the lives of consumers. Consequently, these guys probably deserved their harsh sentence.

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