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Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

The American Expat in the Philippines is multi-tasking today. Because I’ve finished all my “chores” today, I’ve already read my daily dose of local and national newspapers in the Philippines. Hence, today’s post, “SEA Games Snafu, Sex Videos, and Sunflower Pickers Arrested” covers three topics I’ve been following.

SEA Games Snafu

Let’s start with the 2019 SEA Games. The SEA Games is a biennial multi-sport event. It involves participants from the current 11 member countries of Southeast Asia. The Philippines is the host country this year. However, the games are already fraught with controversy.  

Soccer (“football”) teams from different countries had to wait for hours for transportation to their hotels as some activities for the event already began this past Monday. Timor-Leste’s team ended up in the wrong hotel. One soccer team couldn’t make it to the stadium for practice because of Manila traffic. Consequently, they practiced on the streets.

The Cambodian team had to sleep on chairs as they waited for hours for their hotel rooms.

For breakfast, the teams only had rice and eggs for breakfast. One opinion piece in the Inquirer.net called it a “National Shame.”

However, when Filipinos complained online about the way visitors were being treated they were called “unpatriotic.” SEA Game officials blamed the media for the debacle.  The Philippine Southeast Asian Games Organizing Committee wants all negative reporting to stop. The Committee desires only “positive” news reports. A move that clearly smacks of censorship.

House Speaker Peter Cayetano is defending an ugly-as-sin structure built for the games, the “Cauldron.” It cost 50 million pesos, about one million U.S. dollars.

image from the Inquirer.net

Cayetano is the current chairman of the Philippine Southeast Asian Games Committee. Instead of taking responsibility himself, Cayetano is trying to blame Senator Frank Drilon for allegedly delaying the 2019 budget as the cause of the SEA Games problems. 

Drilon pointed out that 50 classrooms in the Philippines could be built for one million pesos each instead of spending 50 million on the “Cauldron.” This evidently pissed Cayetano off.

Frankly, I don’t care a rat’s behind about the games. As long as they don’t interfere with the start of my “Smackdown” on Saturday night, I’ll be happy.

Iloilo Teacher Resigns over Sex Video Shown in Class

This story is going viral on social media. A biology teacher at the Pili National High School showed his Grade 10 students in Ajuy, Iloilo, a graphic instructional sex video. Ajuy is a coastal municipality in the province of Iloilo, Western Visayas region (Region VI), Philippines. It has a population of 52, 268.

The teacher was allegedly trying to enhance his sex education class for his students by presenting the video. The showing of the video caused an uproar and forced the teacher to resign. I didn’t check out the video but read what some of the subject matter covered. Completely inappropriate for any high school student in the Philippines which is almost 84% Catholic.

Furthermore, I’m admittedly an old geezer. When I attended elementary school in Central Illinois back in the Fifties and early Sixties, the only “videos” we were shown in school were Woody Woodpecker cartoons right before Christmas break.

I suppose “pecker” could be misconstrued nowadays as could one of my favorite TV shows at the time, “Leave it to Beaver.”

image courtesy of pixabay

The video originally aired on British TV Channel 5 as part of a documentary series in 2006 and even caused some Brits to complain.

However, despite the teacher’s resignation, an investigation into the incident with DepEd, the Department of Education, will continue. Local politicians are indignant, too.  They are also investigating the matter.

Consequently, it could have been worse. The teacher could have shown the students televised events from the SEA Games, such as chess, skateboarding, and lawn bowling.

Sunflower Thieves Arrested in Iloilo City

Finally, the last part of this story. Iloilo City now has a 30-member deputized force called the “Green Guard.” Last weekend the “Guard” arrested sunflower scofflaws in the wee hours of the morning. The arrests occurred at 3:00 am, 4:00 am, and 4:30 am.

image courtesy of pixabay

The sunflower scoundrels, all males, were picking sunflowers planted along the access road of Senator Benigno Aquino Jr. Ave. in Mandurriao. The first two men claimed they were picking flowers for their girlfriends. The third man was coming home from a disco. He accidentally cut down a sunflower when he passed by the flowers swinging his arms.

No, I’m not making this up.

Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas personally filed cases against the trio. The Mayor had paid for some of the sunflower seeds out of his own pocket. The sunflowers are part of a beautification project for the city.

Kudos to the Mayor. He’s waged a campaign against sidewalk vendors in Iloilo City, beggars, smokers, and now sunflower pickers. Next, Mr. Mayor, how about reigning in those establishments still using plastic straws.

SEA Games Snafu, Sex Videos, & Sunflower Pickers Arrested. Only in the Philippines.

By The Kano

POST AUTHOR: "THE KANO." Dave DeWall, "The Kano", is the Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of "Philippines Plus" in publication since August 2009. He is also the CEO of Lizard Poop Productions and author of the best-selling guide book "The Philippines Expat Advisor." Dave moved to the Philippines in July 2009 from Central Illinois with his lovely wife of over 21 years, "The Sainted Patient Wife." The couple reside in a rural province in Western Visayas, Guimaras. The small island province is said to have the sweetest mangoes in the world. They do not have any children but are the proud owners of eight active canines, including a Belgian Malinois called "Killer" "Killer" has bitten five people over the years along with one goat and a carabao. "Killer" doesn't like strangers. Or goats. Or carabaos.

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