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I have a confession to make. I’m a wrestling fan. However, I only watch sports entertainment from WWE, Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment, which might make me a “wrestling snob.” So be it. Our Cignal satellite system brings us “RAW” on Tuesday evenings and “Friday Night Smackdown” on Saturday nights. This post deals with an encounter with one of WWE’s iconic superstars “My Filipina Wife Pisses off Undertaker.”

My Filipina Wife Was a Wrestling Fan

First of all, when my wife joined me in the States in 2000 from the Philippines after a nine-month wait for her Spousal Visa, I had no idea she was a wrestling fan. My wife grew up in a dirt-floor nipa hut in Guimaras on the edge of a jungle. The family didn’t have any electricity or running water.

Consequently, when I was channel-surfing one evening, I ran across a broadcast of RAW. My wife suddenly called out and wanted me to stop on that channel. I was surprised. I wondered how she even knew about wrestling.

Seems like my wife would slip over to a relative’s house who had electricity and a television set. She would watch the wrestling programs from the World Wrestling Federation, WWF. Because WWF lost a lawsuit by another WWF, the World Wildlife Fund, it changed its name to World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. in 2002. The company now primarily goes by WWE.

“Wrestling at the Chase”

I hadn’t watched any wrestling programs for decades. As a child growing up in South Central Illinois, we were only an hour’s drive from St. Louis, Missouri. While we only had five television stations in the Fifties and early Sixties, KPLR-TV, Channel 11, was an independent station out of St. Louis, which was available.

Along with episodes of “The Three Stooges,” we watched “Wrestling from the Chase” on Saturday evenings on Channel 11 after Gunsmoke which appeared on CBS, Channel 4, KMOX. My Dad would activate the “remote,” that is, tell one of my two brothers or me to get up and change the channel.

The Saturday night wrestling matches were held at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel in St. Louis. “Cowboy” Bob Ellis was one of the main “babyfaces,” today’s term for the “good guys.” Dick the Bruiser was the main “bad guy,” or “heel.”

My Dad was an amateur wrestler. He would wrestle with my brothers and me on our living room floor during the show. We lost every match.

Therefore, since my wife was a big wrestling fan, we began watching “RAW” every week on our DirecTV satellite system.

My Filipina Wife Pisses off Undertaker

Photo courtesy of wwe.com

Consequently, when the WWE came to the Springfield, Illinois Prairie Capital Convention Center, I immediately bought tickets as soon as they went on sale. I was able to secure two seats in the third row. Although the event wasn’t going to be broadcast on “RAW,” several superstars at the time, such as Rob Van Dam, Kane, and the iconic Undertaker were on hand.

We had already seen the dynamic athletic Van Dam, one of our favorites, in action. Then came The Undertaker, slowly making his way to the ring. A giant. Almost seven feet tall with his boots and weighing 300 pounds.

The Undertaker marched right by us. The crowd was jeering him. My wife suddenly stood up and booed! The “Taker” stopped, turned around, and looked directly at my wife!

“Sit down, sit down!” I frantically pleaded with my spouse, “Do you want him to come over here?”

My wife didn’t stop. Thankfully, The Undertaker moved on and went ringside. And that’s how “My Filipina Wife Pisses off Undertaker.”

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