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As a result of a recent news story from the Philippine News Agency, “Filipino Man Prepares His Own Casket,” I felt inspired to write this post. First of all, Luciano Tapic, 88, is ready to die. His wife, Flora, passed away last January. The senior citizen lives in Iligan City in northern Mindanao.  

Filipino Man Prepares His Own Casket

“I want my children to use this (the coffin) when I die. They can just paint it with any color, even black, it’s fine with me. I will make them dream about me when they do not use it,” Luciano said in an interview.

His wife Flora was the inspiration for his own casket. His spouse had her own casket built in 2000. Flora’s casket resembled an airplane with protruding “wings” on its sides while that of Luciano’s is the typical coffin.

He got some gmelina wood from his brother. Tapic didn’t tell his brother he was going to use the wood to build his own coffin. He figured his brother wouldn’t give it to him if he told his brother what he was going to do with it. A brother-in-law would build the actual casket.

What if Luciano Had Told His Brother

However, what if Luciano had told his brother beforehand his reason for wanting the wood. Maybe the conversation would have gone something like this:

Luciano: “Hey, bro, could you cut down a couple of gmelina trees for me? “

Brother: “No, prob, bro. What are you going to use it for?”

Luciano: “Going to build my own coffin. Don’t want to be a burden on the kids when I die. My brother-in-law is going to build it.”

Brother: “Your own coffin?”

Luciano: “Yeah.”

Brother: “OK, dude, it’s your funeral.”

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