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Maybe it could have triggered a heart attack. A recent headline in the inquirer.net alarmed me. The banner announced the following “Filipino-made Cheetos Discontinued.” Therefore, when I saw that Pepsi PH was shutting down the Cheetos snack food line in the Philippines, I gasped. Cheetos is my all-time favorite junk food. I was fearful my supply of Cheetos would be cut off.

Filipino-made Cheetos Discontinued

Cheetos, the cheese-flavored puffed cornmeal snack formerly known as Chee-tos until 1998, is made by Frito-Lay. PepsiCo is the parent company of Frito-Lay. However, as I read the article further, my blood pressure lowered and a potential visit to our local provincial hospital was avoided.

guimaras provincial hospital

PepsiCo will continue to make Cheetos and other brands available to the local market through importation. In contrast, Pepsi PH will discontinue their version of Cheetos. Hence, Filipino-made Cheetos discontinued.

Frankly, I’m glad. The Cheetos manufactured in the Philippines were a poor imitation of the real Cheetos manufactured in the States. I cannot believe that this product was even allowed to carry the Cheetos logo.

The Cheetos made in the Philippines do not have any taste of real cheese whatsoever. They are horrendous. A light sprinkling of artificial cheese powder covered them. I just discovered the Filipino Cheetos at our retail giant, the HyperMarket, in Guimaras a few months ago.

REAL Cheese Cheetos

Naturally, I went back to the big bag of the REAL Cheetos which are made with REAL cheese. Because I can only purchase them in Iloilo City, I have to wait until our monthly shopping trip to the big city to get my fix.

Therefore, if the package has the “EXPORT” label on the bag, it’s the real McCoy. Check out the picture below:

Cheetos image from slimjim.sweets uk

Fritos creator Charles Elmer Doolin invented Cheetos in 1948.

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