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Riding Pump Boats on Iloilo Strait? Use an Umbrella

I’ve been reading a lot about protests in Guimaras regarding the motor boat restrictions since the tragic loss of 31 lives this past August 3, 2019. Many of the protesters want restrictions on the pump boats lifted. A lot of those complaining are Guimaras resort owners and pump boat operators. The main objection I’ve seen regards the removal of tarpaulins from the vessels. Therefore today’s post: “Riding Pump boats on Iloilo Strait? Use an Umbrella.”

I cannot comprehend why so many people are angry about the tarpaulins or canvasses being rolled up or removed from the pump boats. It has been reported that the tarps were a major factor in the capsizing of three vessels during a squall on the afternoon of August 3.

The Maritime Industry Authority, Marina, rightfully imposed pump boat restrictions after the loss of 31 lives. However, if pump boat operators would have heeded the call of Marina back in 2016 to modernize their boats, perhaps the tragedy could have been avoided. Now these operators are resisting the mandatory modernization program for pump boats all across the Philippines.

These protesters want the tarps removed because some people are complaining about the heat. We’ve made a couple of trips on the pump boats since the tragic event. Many people used an invention called an “umbrella” to protect themselves from the elements. My wife used a head scarf. I used my customary bandanna to cover my fat kano head.

If you don’t want to use an umbrella, there are fast crafts now operating on the Iloilo Strait. This past Sunday our niece DenDen had to wait 30 minutes for a ride to Iloilo. That was a day before a new fast craft company began their operations.

There were heavy rains from Tropical Depression Jenny pounding Guimaras on Sunday morning. Waiting 30 minutes is a small price to pay for one’s personal safety.

She attends college in Iloilo but has the common sense to rent a bed space so she doesn’t have to travel back and forth from Guimaras and Iloilo every day.

Frankly, a trained monkey could be educated on how to use an umbrella.

trained monkey courtesy of tripadvisor

It’s really not that difficult.

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