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Boracay Pee-Pee Police Arrest 3 Foreigners

Alright, I get it. A auxiliary cop in Boracay got a cigarette butt in the face the other day by a Chinese man. The Chinese national was smoked for the incident. OK, he wasn’t “smoked,” as in assassinated, but he was arrested. So I figure the Boracay constables must already be pissed, right? That’s the only reason I can figure for the arrest of three foreigners for merely urinating on the beach. If they arrested every Guimaras male for peeing in public, I figure at least 95 percent of the population would be in jail.

Guimaras pee tree near Chavez Building

Boracay Pee-Pee Police Arrest 3 Foreigners

Two Chinese and a Korean were caught peeing. I’m not going to publish their names. Why embarrass them further? The guys were 30 and 35 years old. Furthermore, the two relieved their bladders at 8:20 pm. It wasn’t like it was in broad daylight.

The Korean was nabbed the following day. He was peeing in front of the D’Mall Boracay. The mall is usually a crowded place. I don’t know what time the Korean took a leak, but he probably could have picked a less conspicuous venue.

Why not install an outside male urinal like this progressive barangay captain in Iloilo did?

The name of the ordinance the trio were ticketed with is outlandishly long: Municipal Ordinance No. 311, Series of 2012 (An Ordinance Prohibiting Littering/Dumping/Throwing of Garbage, Thrash, Rubbish, Refuse, and Other Waste Materials and Prescribing Penalties for Certain Acts and Omissions Inimical to Cleanliness and Sanitation.)

And this from a country that has recently enacted a law to reduce red tape.

With reporting from the Daily Guardian.

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